Curie Deodorant Shark Tank Latest Update

Curie Deodorant Shark Tank

Shark Tank is undoubtedly the most-watched show where entrepreneurs share their ideas. One of the companies that most are seeking information about is Curie Deodorant. If you aren’t sure what happened to Cury Deodorant following Shark Tank, then read more to learn about all the latest information regarding Cury Deodorant Shark Tank.

Curie is a company focused on making safe products that do not contain harmful and harsh chemicals. It was featured in Shark Tank Season 13 Episode 15.

The founder, Sarah, is the main motivation behind creating this company. The founder of the company says that I created Curie because I was annoyed that the pure, natural products I wanted to make use of didn’t perform like the traditional products.

Curie Deodorant Shark Tank – Here’s What You Need to Know

What is Curie Deodorant?

Curie Deodorant is a pure and aluminum-free deodorant introduced in 2018. The product is safe for your body and environment since natural ingredients are employed in its formulation.

The scent is as natural and reminiscent of any fruit. Certain fruit scents that are unique to the product are included, such as White Tea, Grapefruit, Orange Neroli.

What Happened To Curie Deodorant After Shark Tank?

Curie was given a fantastic chance to promote her products during Shark Tank. After her appearance on Shark Tank, she got 8X sales from 24 House.

She put a lot of effort into the packaging. At present, the name of the brand is well-known to many customers who have become familiar with this product. They are buying it over and over.

Where Cury Products are Sold?

Curie products are sold across hundreds of shops all over the USA, including Bloomingdale’s, Anthropologie, and Nordstrom. Additionally, Moret goes live on QVC every month, which boosts sales.

Did Curie Get a Deal on Shark Tank?

The creator of Curie, Sarah Moret, delivered a highly effective presentation on Shark Tank, after which the Shark was extremely satisfied with the presentation.

The founder Sarah Moret asked Shark to invest $200,000 in her business to exchange 20 percent equity. The dean agreed to a final figure of $300,000 for 10% plus 4% advisory shares. The two of Mark & Barbara invested in the company.

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