CX-9 Warzone Loadout – Best Attachments for CX-9 in COD: Warzone

While playing a Battle Royale game, it is necessary to pick one close-range weapon. And the best close-range weapons in Call of Duty are submachine guns, SMGs. In Warzone, there are several SMGs and one of them is the CX-9. 

This SMG was introduced in season 4 of Warzone. Some consider this gun as powerless in meta but it has much potential in both Warzone and Warfare multiplayer. We have created a CX-9 Warzone loadout that you can follow and experience the change in its basic vs advanced level.

We first start with adding some attachments which include a muzzle, optic, barrel, under-barrel, magazine, and stock. To know more about which attachments are required to unlock all features of CX-9, you should go through the full tutorial.

Best 2022 CX-9 Warzone Loadout

For all the CX-9 fans out there, let me tell you that once you follow this setup, your CX-9 will become OP. However, you may need some time to master this gun, but it would be worth it.

Attachments for CX-9

MuzzleMonolithic Suppressor
UnderbarrelMerc Foregrip
LaserTac Laser
Ammunition50 Rnd Drum

For the muzzle and barrel, use a monolithic suppressor and CX-38S. It will provide superior sound suppression to your weapon along with high damage. The Tac Laser will help you easily aim your enemies.

Talking about the stock, CX-FR is available for submachine guns only. It increases movement speed. To make sure you don’t run out of ammo, you should increase the magazine size by using a 50 Rnd Drum.


These attachments are a must-use if you want to give your best in close-range combat. It will help you in boosting range, accuracy, fire rate, and damage. Every Call of Duty player wants these four things in his weapon. 

A Youtube channel named “hydro” has also made a video on CX-9 loadout. You can also watch his video to know about the best CX-9 class setup in Warzone.

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