Proctorio’s client list grew by more than 500% over the years 2019-2021, despite numerous lawsuits, complaints, and accusations of bias.

Femi Yumi-Ese was a student at the University of Texas at Austin during the outbreak of coronavirus. He began attending classes and studying online from an apartment in the city with his fellow students. Yemi Ese was an ex- Division 1 footballer who majored in Kinesiology. He was never stressed during exams. “Being in sports as long as I was, getting yelled on by coaches, doesn’t cause me to get stressed much,” Yemi-Ese stated.

In the beginning, he was not at all concerned when he discovered that Proctorio is a program that monitors cheaters, and will be in charge of a number of his classes. Yemi -Ese was able to access the program on his first attempt and took an image. Proctorio claimed that it was unable to recognize his face and denied him entry to enter his examination. Yemi-Ese switched on the lighting and adjusted his camera so his face of his was in the highest level of illumination. The software finally voted for the photographer to begin.


Yemi Ese, a Black test taker, has utilized software that could not find his face repeatedly for three years. When Yemi-Ese is seated to take Proctorio examinations He turns on every light in his bedroom and puts the ring light on the computer, so that it shines directly at his eyes. He confessed that despite all the preparatory measures, he didn’t understand how to identify the camera. The first time we spoke was in November. the meeting we had.

He stated that during seven Proctorio tests He was not permitted to pass the test on his first try. While adding light sources might seem beneficial, however, it also has results. “I feel like a beam of light shines into my eyes throughout the exam,” he said. “It can be difficult to not look away when you are actively trying to avoid looking at the screen, which can make it appear like you are cheating.”

Proctorio functions as a browser-based plugin that can detect your eyes. It tracks the frequency at which you stare at your screen, write and click. It will then compare your activities to the average of your class as the exam goes on and will flag the student if they aren’t complying with the guidelines. Proctorio will also look out for any inappropriate material or faces within the room. Following the exam, Proctorio will give a report to the instructor of each student’s total “suspicion score” and a list of the moments that were marked so the instructor is able to review them when they suspect cheating.

Yemi Ese discovered in the spring of last year at the Zoom gathering that Zoom’s software identified Yemi for speeding up. “I feel like they’re watching me for all these movements and they’re going flag my natural state to take the test,” Yemi declared. After the exam was canceled and he was scared to use the software increased after his roommate dropped something in the kitchen. The sound of the clang was heard throughout their home.

Proctorio declares that the software does not ban students from taking exams because they make noise. The instructor had permitted him to take the test, but it was costing him the equivalent of half an hour. “I had no choice but to calm down,” the student said. Proctorio could transmit an email to the professor warning his student if he displays symptoms of stress. So, I’m not sure whether the program is seeing something that isn’t happening due to my skin’s pigment.


Yemi Ese’s academics plummeted after The Pandemic. He blamed this on Proctorio. After being forced to leave the house in February because of the hurricane that destroyed Texas, Yemi Ese had to pass numerous tests. He was forced into a crash with a few of his colleagues. (In addition to other challenges this situation also stripped him of his normal lighter set-up. Yemi Ese was still struggling to be able to sit for every Proctorio examination towards the close of his final year of high school. He did manage to boost his marks to pre-pandemic standards in every class that required Proctorio. “I guess I became numb to it after I realized nothing was going on to change,” said the student.

Proctorio (ProctorU), Examity as well as ExamSoft were among the companies that saw immediate benefit from the closure of colleges beginning in the month of March. A survey found that the majority of university teachers expressed concern that students could cheat on online tests.

Certain companies provide live proctoring that is backed by artificial intelligence. ProctorU announced in December that it will administer around 4 million tests by 2020. This is an increase from the 1.5 million it offered in 2019. Examity reported to Inside Higher Ed its growth this spring was more than the pre-pandemic projections of 35 percent.

Fully algorithmic testing-which is cheaper and is available through companies like Proctorio, ExamSoft, and Respondus Monitor has grown even more rapidly. Proctorio’s client database increased by more than 5100%, growing from 4100 in the year 2019 to 2500 in 2021. The software was able to administer an estimated 21 million tests by 2020, which is compared with 4 million in the year 2019.

A flurry of complaints has resulted from the rise in proctoring online. Nearly 30000 signatures were obtained for protests sent to the administration that is smug. Anti-online-proctoring Twitter accounts popped up, such as @Procteario and @ProcterrorU. One student wrote: “professor just sent me an email asking why I had received the highest flag from the proctor.” Please excuse me, ma’am.

I was experiencing an emotional breakdown on the exam and I was crying and pulling tears.” Another person claimed to have that they received a call from a parent during an examination. The third one said he would call back “on speaker phone so that my prof would know that I wasn’t cheating”and only to discover the death of a family member. “Now proctor is watching me cry,” wrote the student.

Stories from other students expose the biases that are built into proctoring systems. students with dark skin tones reported that the software could not identify their facial features. Children from low-income families are flagged as having a weak Wi-Fi connection or testing in rooms shared by family members.

Proctorio’s ID verification process for transgender students has resulted in their arrest. The procedure requires them to take photos with an I.D. This could be a former name. ProctorU has asked test-takers to take off all hair coverings that are not religious and bonnets when video calling. This has led to an online backlash by Black women. Students who use Wi-Fi in libraries that are part of the public sector have been told to take off their masks.


Jarrod Morgan was the chief strategy officer of ProctorU. He informed me that ProctorU required “relational”, rather than technological, changes. He added, “We’ll admit that our explanations of what we do are not good enough.” Sebastian Vos is the C.E.O. ExamSoft’s C.E.O. Sebastian Vos denied that ExamSoft’s product did not have a good reputation with customers who are dark-skinned. He claimed that there are a lot of problems that are reported that do not have a real issue.

On the 3rd of December On December 3, on December 3, U.S. senators emailed Proctorio, ProctorU, and ExamSoft to ask for information on the efforts of their companies to protect the rights of students in civil court. They also asked for evidence that their programs protect the information they collect. Proctorio provided a lengthy response in which it defended its policies.

The Electronic Privacy Information Center, a non-profit, submitted a complaint to the Attorney General of D.C. claiming that five proctoring firms illegally gather the personal information of students. In the past, a number of students from Illinois protested against their schools because they had used the software. They claimed that the software did not respect their rights because of a law in Illinois that protected the biometric and privacy data of residents of the state.

Daniel was born in Auckland and raised in Calgary, except for the time when he moved back to Quebec and attended high school there. He studied Physics and Science at the University of Auckland. He began writing after obsessing over books.

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