Did Ikaris Die In Marvel’s “Eternals”?

Did Ikaris Die

For many Marvel enthusiasts, Eternals is the biggest film to come out after Avengers: Endgame. The film doesn’t just usher into the highly anticipated Phase Four. Still, it also introduces fans from all age groups to various exciting new characters and characters that haven’t been seen yet on screen, but Did Ikaris Die?.

One character that is generating a lot of attention has been Ikaris, played by the teen Game of Thrones actor Richard Madden. An Eternal who is strong and determined Ikaris’s fate Ikaris after Eternals has been a source of many questions and plenty of curiosity as to what’s next for this character.

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Richard Madden plays Ikaris in “Eternals”

Richard Madden is popular with fans of the genre of fantasy because of his hugely-popular character of Robb Stark in the cult HBO TV series Game of Thrones. Although Robb Stark may have suffered an unforgiving fate in the show, Madden has gone on to gain popularity among viewers, appearing in everything from period romances to comedies. As it became known, Madden would be one of the main characters in the brand new Marvel movie Eternals Fans were thrilled to witness the passion and passion he’d bring to the character.

Madden’s character, the film Eternals, is likely to be his most memorable role in recent times and has led to many new fans being introduced to the rising actor. Ikaris Madden, played by Madden, plays an Eternal who can fly and emit the universe’s energy through his eyes. Willing to achieve his goal and with a strong feeling of fate, Ikaris is one of the main characters in the film and, ultimately, the most shocking villain in the movie.

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Was happens to Ikaris in the final scene of “Eternals”?

In the film’s conclusion, Eternals, the viewers discover that Ikaris is, in fact, one of the villains. He takes out Ajak after discovering that she’s determined to defy Arishem’s plans for the Emergence and could have ended life on Earth. Betraying the remainder of the Eternals, Ikaris is defeated by Sersi, the long-time friend and romantic love, who remains a true love for him.

Ikaris’ story in Eternals ends when he’s not able to reconcile his feelings towards Sersi and his inability to stop the Eternals. In a state of madness due to guilt and striving to live up to the mythological name of his character, Ikaris flies directly into the sun, committing suicide in a flash. The film ends before the viewers can see the moment when Ikaris passes away, but the consequences are obvious. Additionally, other Eternals refer to Ikaris’ fate following the incident and include Kingo noting it’s the result of a “shame” concerning the events to the character.

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Did Ikaris Die | Ikaris is a key character in Marvel Comics

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is known for bringing deceased actors back. Therefore, many fans have wondered whether they will see some more Ikaris shortly. It’s unlikely Ikaris will return shortly; there is an excellent chance that the character might be revived for the next MCU project.

As per the report, the character Ikaris was killed within Marvel Comics in a similar way to how Ikaris passed away during the story of the Eternals, and then he retreated from his comrades and then took his own life because he’s incapable of coping with the perceived inability to live with his. In later comic book stories, Ikaris is reborn, returning to appear in new stories and projects. In the present moment, we don’t know what’s going to happen with Richard Madden’s portrayal of Ikaris, and there’s the possibility that Ikaris will eventually appear in the MCU in the future.

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