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Did Jack McKinney Have a Bike Accident in Real Life?  

‘ Winning Time: The Rise of the Lakers Dynasty The series looks at the Los Angeles Lakers as the team achieves fame and glory throughout the NBA under the direction of Jerry Buss. In the show, Buss is on a task to completely change the team’s image on and off the court. Buss wants to change the basketball game and, to achieve this goal, wishes to hire Jerry Tarkanian to be the team’s coach. LA Lakers.

But, following a tragedy that averts Tarkanian’s transfer to The Lakers, Buss hires Jack McKinney (Tracy Letts). Despite a rough start, McKinney steers the Lakers in the correct direction. But a bike accident endangers McKinney’s career as the head coach. If you’re wondering if the incident occurred in the real world, this is the information you should be aware of! Warning! There are spoilers ahead!

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Did Jack McKinney Have a Bike Accident in Real Life?   

In the 4th episode of “Winning Time,” titled “Who the F**k is Jack McKinney,’ Jerry Buss hires Jack McKinney as his coach for the LA Lakers basketball team. McKinney alters the team’s style of play and places his game plan around rapid breaks and quick moves. While players aren’t able to keep up, the team quickly adjusts to the style of McKinney. When it comes to the court, Magic Johnson and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar can find common ground and begin to work with one another, invigorating the team. So, the Lakers have gotten on the right track to their season, having won 9 out of the initial 13 matches.

At the end of the fifth episode, McKinney is satisfied by his team’s efforts and decides to take a needed break from basketball on his wife’s advice. McKinney is inspired to try tennis along with Paul Westhead. When he sets out to meet Westhead at a tennis facility located in Palos Verdes, McKinney is involved in a near-fatal accident, which prematurely ends his stint as Lakers coach.

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A story is firmly an event because Jack McKinney met with a tragic bicycle accident on November 8, 1979. McKinney left home in an all-white and red Schwinn LaTour II bike. When he came to the junction of Whitney Collins Drive and Stonecrest Road, McKinney stopped the bike, and the wheels shut down and sent him flying off the bicycle. He fell head-first onto the concrete and sustained severe injuries. McKinney suffered in a coma at Little Company of Mary Hospital in Torrance for three days.

Following the tragic incident, McKinney’s assistant Paul Westhead was named the interim head coach of the LA Lakers. Based on Westhead’s successes on the court and his concerns about McKinney’s performance, Westhead was made the full-time coach. McKinney was never given a chance to take over his job. The team went on to take home the Championship under Westhead in the season 1979-80. After recovering from injury, McKinney was able to continue his coaching career when he joined the Indiana Pacers in 1980. McKinney was reported to have been hired on the advice of Jerry Buss.

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While McKinney was awarded the NBA Coaching of the Year in his first year, his team’s results fell off in the following seasons, and he was dismissed in his 1983-84 campaign. McKinney worked as a coach for his team, the Kansas City Kings, during the 1984-85 campaign, but he resigned because of the team’s lack of performance. He died on September 25, 2018, aged 83. McKinney’s accident on the bike left him with a perpetual “What is the worst-case scenario?” over his impactful and brief period as a player with his team, the LA Lakers.

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