Didi Jamie Die In 'Top Boy

Did Jamie Die In ‘Top Boy’? Here’s What’s Going to Happen in Season 3

The newest episode of Top Boy is streaming on Netflix today and is a must-see for all fans of the British crime drama that have consumed all the seasons; there are many questions that they haven’t received answers to.

The biggest shock that came from it was the incident that saw the shooting of Jamie (Micheal Ward) by Sully (Kane Robinson).

The pair had never met, but after Jamie proved that he was loyal to Dushane (Ashley Walters), Sully’s ambush on Jamie at his home before his brothers was truly shocking.

Fans have been shocked by Sully’s decision to shoot Jamie; Many are now in the hope that Jamie isn’t dead in the end. Did Jamie Die during the episode Top Boy, and what does this mean for Season 3?

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Did Jamie Die In Top Boy?

Unfortunately, it appears quite likely that Jamie Tovell died in Top Boy Season 2 (or Season 4 for those who love fans who loved The Top Boy: Summerhouse).

For Sully, the murder of his closest buddy Kit (Kadeem Ramsey) in the murder of Ats (Keiyon Cook) is not enough of a reason for him to trust him.

Just a few hours before Sully was about to launch the weapon, Dushane told Sully that he planned to stay with Jamie in the Summerhouse to ensure that Sully and Sully could be retired.

In the end, Sully did not seem satisfied with Jamie’s presence in their drug-related empire. Jamie quit Dushane, stating that their plans “ain’t getting in line.”

Sully had good reasons not to be able to trust Jamie. For one, Jamie had tried to make him die at the beginning of Season 1. Sully knew that Jamie had attempted to agree to avert the death penalty with Juan at the time in Morocco in Dushane’s territory.

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When Sully was in Morocco, Sully threatened Jamie to “bury” him when he looked at the wrong way and added: “You think I’ve forgotten?” about Jamie’s previous attacks on his life.

“Dushane informed me that everything that was happening in the past is completed,” replied Jamie, to which Sully stated: “Dushane, don’t speak for me.” With Jamie being positioned before Dushane’s eyes to be his next Top Boy, Sully, who was not ready to quit, destroyed his competitors.

A few minutes later, Jamie answered the door to Sully carrying a gun that shot Sully twice in his chest. After Jamie was knocked down, Sully shot Jamie once in the head, then fled and left him bleeding on the floor.

Micheal Ward, the actor who played Jamie as Jamie in Top Boy, also might have announced that he would not return for the third season of Top Boy if it were renewed for another season on Netflix and posted a tribute to his appearance in the show.

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In addition to behind-the-scenes pictures of Top Boy’s Top Boy set and his castmates, Ward posted: “Made some memories that’ll remain for the rest of my life with some people I will forever remember.”

Of course, those who love Jamie hope that he can survive the attack, with many believing that it was an awful nightmare. Responding to Ward’s Instagram post, One fan posted: “Naw bro, THEY BETTER Bring you back!”

A third fan added: “NOOO, are you affirming that? Jamie must return.” Another fan added: “Bro, I’m begging that you had a dream that you wanted us to have you in season 3, please.”

If Jamie died, Many people who are Top Boy fans believe that in Season 3, the younger son Stef (Araloylin Oshunremi) will be the one to come up with a plan to take revenge on Sully for his brother’s murder. Before all, when Sully fired his final shots at the end of the episode, he was looking Stef straight in the face.

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Stef was also beginning to follow the same path Jamie took as a child and showed that Stef was completely comfortable shooting guns at an older group of people involved in the world of violence and crime earlier in the season.

On the contrary, as Stef and Aaron (Hope Ikpoku Jnr.) witnessed the murder of Jamie, their lives could be put at risk.

The Top Boy Fans have shared their views about what Jamie’s passing means for Season 3. Some think Stef will assume the role of the Top Boy and get his revenge in the coming weeks. On the other hand, some speculate that Jaq won’t be the subject of Dushane’s “retirement strategy.”

One person wrote: “Imagine if Top Boy Season 3 will show us Stef taking revenge or heading into the streets.”

Another fan commented: “I feel Stef will become Top Boy soon.”

Another fan said: “Stef bout to be the next Top Boy, I can sense it. #TBS2.”

Reddit user AquafinaIsntWater posted: “Jamie dying sets up Jaq as their retirement plan. Dushane was mistaken in thinking that the kid he pushed to kill his best friend wouldn’t want to kill his life down the road. Sully took on what he was forced to do. It was not a “pointless” loss.”

Top Boy fan tweeted: “What if at the final moment, Sully, Dushane, and the rest go down to watch Jaq ascend to the position of “Top Boy’. #TopBoyNetflix”

A third fan added: “Jaq putting in mad work this season; she’s the top of the line “Top Boy

Top Boy is streaming on Netflix today.

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