Did Jess Die in FBI Most Wanted?

Did Jess Die in FBI Most Wanted? Here’s What You Need To Know

From the start of the FBI, we knew that Most Wanted season 3 episode that the show’s writers were planning to send Jess LaCroix off the show. They were forced to do it because Julian McMahon would quit the show.

FBI”Most Wanted” is officially ended its run with Jess LaCroix. Julian McMahon has been the director of this CBS drama for the past three seasons. McMahon made his last appearance on Tuesday night when his character passed away in his work.

We didn’t anticipate it to happen the way it did on the night and the character was taken away in the final minutes towards the end of the episode. It was awe-inspiring, devastating and, in a lot of different ways, it did not seem important.

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Why do we do this? What is the reason for writing the story this manner? When speaking to TVLine Executive Producer David Hudgins noted that this was the most effective way of ending the story that made most sense:

We thought about other possibilities. We knew with a sufficient amount of advance notice that Julian McCMahon was to leave and, in the writer’s room, we began discussing the possible reasons for his departure.

We discussed each possible variant of the idea, and eventually the thing we were constantly returning to following session was, “Look This is Most Wanted.

We’re after the most dangerous of the worst and the most dangerous of the risky and there’s the real danger that goes along to the job.

The final decision was that this was in line with the idea behind the show, that of risk of being killed or shot during duty. We felt it was appropriate, emotional and tragic.

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The tragic reality of this loss is that it can lock the show another world with Jess being the head of the team. There’s no chance to see him again as everyone must leave.

It was a shocker and perhaps too abrupt for a lot of viewers. However, we’re not going to claim that this is not atypical in the context of Dick Wolf shows. It’s not.

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