Jonny Cheat on Is It Cake

Did Jonny Cheat on Is It Cake? Controversy Explained

Incorporating the concept “looks tasty enough to consume” to life to win a huge cash prize. In Netflix’s “Is It Cake?’ A group of talented bakers compete with one another to bake delicious hyper-realistic cakes. From fast food to handbags, even designer footwear, the bakers are required to create a realistic representation of everyday items to surprise judges. This implies that they’re always having their task made for them.

But this pressure on contestants – professional cake designers who make their cakes appear exactly like other cakes is actually causing an enormous controversy over cheating — one that was perpetrated by fan-favorite contestant Jonny Manganello. If you want to learn more about this issue and determine if he actually broke the rules in order to deceive other contestants even though the show is about deceitful illusions We’ve got the facts for you.

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Did Jonny Manganello Cheat on It Cake?

In the initial episode Jonny Manganello had an chance to bake with Sam Cade and Hemu Basu The challenge was to recreate various fast food items. Thus, of the six choices available when Sam picked the cheeseburger, and Hemu chose Breakfast Sandwich, Jonny the contestant in the contest (later named Jonny the Hats after hosts Mike Day and Mikey Day) was able to pick tacos. That’s right, tacos in plural.

Jonny’s entire baking session was extremely successful despite his hands getting cramped from the hours it took him to knead modeling chocolate to make perfect taco shells. But at the end of the day Jonny did something different. According to his own words as he didn’t want his “decoys to look flawless,” he chose to place some of his dark red tomatoes (made from Jello) “on one in the hope that they would look authentic.” One of the most shocking aspect was that Jonny didn’t sprinkle them around and then pile a huge piece right on top like in the above picture and that’s the reason the accusation is that he cheated.

on Reddit On Reddit, a number of users have criticized Jonny’s behavior, particularly because Jonny was the winner of the game (and an additional $10,000) and some even going so far as declare that it caused them to not watch the show anymore. Some have stated, “In the first ep it was totally unfair that Jonny was allowed to serve fake tomatoes over authentic tacos. This was totally not fair. :(,” Another commentator said, “Jonny cheated! I waited for the host to speak about the cheating, or perhaps an edit after filming where the cheating was discussed, but no mention! The cakes look amazing But rewarding cheating leaves the taste of sour.”

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Some even wondered the reason Jonny “was permitted to keep going” since his actions essentially shattered the entire concept behind the show, in their view. In this regard it’s crucial to point out that nowhere on “Is It Cake?” was it stated that contestants couldn’t modify the decoys for their own benefit which means that Jonny’s actions could have been legal.

Furthermore it is true that The West Hollywood cake artist never concealed his activities and that’s an important element to consider in light of the fact that the producers might have had to take action if there were an issue. It’s also evident that the purpose of the show is fun and lighthearted, and it did every turn and suggests that Jonny’s actions whether he was cheating or not are probably not a big issue.

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