Did Kurt and Steven Find Love in Joe Millionaire Finale

Did Kurt and Steven Find Love in Joe Millionaire Finale? Here’s the Complete Story

In Thursday’s finale episode in”Joe Millionaire,” a Fox show “Joe Millionaire” reboot, Kurt Sowers and Steven McBee each had to decide the woman they would like to keep in touch in a way outside of the show.

As the show ends, Millionaire Steven has narrowed the field to Calah and Annie. The other contestants were Kurt split from Amanda or Carolyn.

Women didn’t know which of men would pick. However, they weren’t aware of which was the millionaire.

The guys then had their last dating dates, making it much more difficult. In the day, Steven took a paddling with Annie, and in the evening, cooking with Calah both went well.

In the meantime, Kurt played tennis with Carolyn and cooked dinner for Amanda. Following his first date with Amanda, he admitted that he was tenser than he had ever been.

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When it came to the decision time, every woman wore white, while the guys swapped their flannels in exchange for suits. In contrast to the structure “The Bachelor” employs, it was not disclosed which woman each of the men was talking to in what order.

Instead, they could hear the man explain why he loved them and every woman doing the same.

Kurt claimed his head was Amanda during his confessional; however, his heart of his was Carolyn. But when it was time to meet with Carolyn, she asked him to tell him that he was concerned that their love would die out by telling her that “My heart goes to another person.”

Carolyn has been certain she knew Kurt was her guy from the beginning, replied by asking producers, “Can I now leave?” She later told the cameras, “It’s almost like an insult to the face. … Kurt took the right choice since if he’s this unsure all the time, he’s not the person for me. I’m the girl who walked away.”

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Steven, who was unhappy, decided to end the conversation with Annie by telling her that his feelings were stronger for Calah.

He spat out tears and choked them away. He walked off and acknowledged that she was shocked at the breaking up before she collapsed within the automobile.

Happily, there was joy shortly. Kurt said to Amanda that he was to love her. He offered her an engagement ring that she happily accepted.

Steven was also thrilled to inform Calah that he wouldn’t leave without her. He even gave her an engagement ring to make an offer.

The two women were both happy; however, they were still trying to figure what the name of the millionaire. Then, Kurt revealed he is not a millionaire for Amanda, who is wealthy. She was not concerned by the revelation. Steven also talked about the topic of money, Calah informing his girlfriend that Steven “has plenty of.”

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