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Did Spencer Haywood Circumcise Himself?   

‘ Winning Time: The Rise of the Lakers Dynasty” is a series of sports dramas that is the story of a fictionalized story of the Los Angeles Lakers basketball team’s ascendance to the top of the game in the 1980s. The show is a collection of exciting stories both in and out of the basketball court, as the new manager Jerry Buss introduces the NBA team in a fresh direction.

However, the story also references some shady instances that viewers might not consider to be credible. One of these references is in the show’s fifth episode, in which Spencer Haywood joins the LA Lakers. A rumor of Haywood’s self-circumcision raises eyebrows within the team. If you’re wondering whether the story is based on reality, here’s all you should be aware of! Be prepared for spoilers!

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Do you think Spencer Haywood Circumcise Himself?

In the 5th episode of ‘WinningTime: The Rise of the Lakers Dynasty”, titled “Pieces of a Man, the head coach Jack McKinney is preparing the LA Lakers for their first game of the season. Before the season gets underway, Jerry West informs McKinney that the team has hired Spencer Haywood (Wood Harris). Although Haywood’s peak is over for him, West feels he is still a valuable part of the team.

Haywood is a well-known figure in the locker room and is admired by the team captain Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. When he is a part of the team, the rumor of Haywood cutting himself is the subject of conversations at the water cooler in the locker room. Based on Norm Nixon, Haywood cut his foreskin by using a rock and a razor in his early years.

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In the following days, some players are able to take an image of Haywood’s privates to verify if the rumor is real. When they realize the truth, Haywood boldly affirms that the rumor is true and proudly displays his limbs before the entire locker room. “I grasped it and held it as a copperhead snake. I carried out the act,” Haywood exclaims in front of his team.

In the show, this incident has the appearance of it’s an urban legend. But it does bear some elements of reality. In Haywood’s autobiography entitled “Spencer Haywood The Rise, the Fall, and the Recover,’ he was circumcised when he was a kid. According to the story Haywood recounts in the book, their brother of his convinced him to remove his foreskin could be the sole way to stay out of some kind of mental illness. This is why Haywood was circumcised. But, whether Haywood boasted about his accomplishment in the locker room isn’t known.

Spencer Haywood has had a remarkable basketball career and won the Olympic Gold Medal. He was selected as a member of the NBA All-Stars team four times throughout his career. One of the most famous moments of Haywood’s career in the arena of basketball is his suit against the NBA that allowed players to be eligible for participation in the NBA Draft without having to pay for four years at a college.

While these issues are discussed in the show, however, it is the tale of Haywood’s self-circumcision that creates the media to be in a frenzy and adds a dimension of tension to the already complicated team dynamics for players of the LA Lakers.

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