Did the Dog Ruby Die in Rescued by Ruby?

Ruby Die

Netflix’s ” “Rescued by Ruby” is an action drama film that is a hit with everyone’s hearts, especially those passionate about animals. Written and directed by Katt Shea It is the remarkable real-life account of police officer Dan O’Neil, who rescues a dog named Ruby from being put to death in a shelter. She is shunned by many due to her insufferable behavior, but Dan is determined to continue teaching her and displays unwavering confidence in her. Gradually, the two form an incredible bond, and they begin working towards achieving Dan’s dream of being a part of the elite K-9 unit.

A failed initial mission leads to a miscommunication in the relationship between Dan and Ruby, and she decides to leave. When Dan is frantically searching for his missing pet amid the torrential rain one cannot help but be concerned if something unexpected occurs to Ruby. Let’s see if Dan can keep Ruby forever or if she can return to him safely, will we?

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The Rescued by Ruby SPOILERS Ahead…

Does Ruby Die?

Ruby is taken at least seven times to the refuge by families who adopted her because of her disobedient and stubborn behavior. Despite the shelter volunteer Pat’s continual efforts to keep Ruby from being put to death, the coworker who is her supervisor puts his foot down and goes ahead with the plan. Lucky for her, just hours before it happens, Dan walks in and takes Ruby home.

Initially, the playful dog does not follow the instructions given to her and flips the household of O’Neil upside down much to the annoyance of Dan and his wife Melissa. But after observing Ruby’s enthusiasm and determination, he decides not to give up and begins working with her to prepare her to pass the K-9 academy’s entrance exams. Unfortunately she fails the test as well as academy teacher Matt Zarrella tells Dan to quit his goal of joining the academy.

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Then, Dan and Ruby work tirelessly with Melissa’s help and are able to pass the exam for the test. On their initial search and rescue mission, Dan goes against Ruby’s suggestion and fails to locate the body of the victim in a murder investigation. They believe that Matt will be able to exile him from the group and blame him for failing to find the victim’s body.

An angry Ruby is extremely upset by Dan’s criticism She then quietly leaves from the house at night. In the morning, Dan realizes that she’s missing and sets out to find her in a state of panic. When the entire neighborhood is involved on the hunt, Matt calls Dan to be present with Ruby to assist in their search-and-rescue mission to find an unidentified teenage boy. In constant fear, Dan drives all over the city in search of his pet under the rain.

In one instance, Dan misses Ruby who is hidden under a bridge. However, Ruby isn’t willing to reveal her identity to Dan. Fortunately, she returns to her home safely and is content. Dan apologizes for putting her in a bad light earlier. Both of them join an operation to search for and save the boy, and Ruby carefully searches the treacherous forests to lead Dan to the wounded boy. Additionally, if the GPS or radio signal becomes lost, she directs others to where they are by barking.

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The missing boy appears to be Pat’s son. She is very thankful to Ruby Dan, and Dan. So, Pat’s generosity is paid off when the dog she saved rewards her by helping her son. Dan and Ruby are given a lot acknowledgement and appreciation for their brave contribution in the local community.

When we get to the actual story that it was based on, Ruby is an Australian Shepherd and border collie mix that was rescued from being thrown in a shelter in 2011 by Rhode Island State Police Trooper Daniel O’Neil in 2011. Through his tireless efforts, she’s become one of the top officers of the K-9 division of the state police. In October of 2017 she assisted in the search for and rescue the son of Patricia Inman in the years following the woman helped her during a visit to in the SPCA refuge. In the year 2018, Ruby was awarded the name of ‘Search and Rescue Hero Dog from the American Humane Society.

Similar to her character on screen as well, the real-life Ruby was also a fugitive in 2018 , but was located after a long and gruelling search in a neighbor’s backyard. Over the last 11 years, Daniel and Ruby have been serving with a heartfelt passion the people in Rhode Island as dedicated officers of the K-9 unit.

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