Differences Between Wizardry 7 And Gold

Wizardry VII: Crusaders of the Dark Savant, also known as Wizardry, is the seventh title of the Wizardry series of role-playing games from Sir-Tech Software, Inc., which precedes Wizardry 8 and succeeds Wizardry VI. Bane of the Cosmic Forge.

It’s also the second entry of the “Dark Savant” trilogy. Sir-Tech published the game in 1992. It was originally designed for DOS. It was remade in 1996 as Wizardry Gold by Interplay. This game is compatible with Windows and Macintosh.

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Crusaders of the Dark Savant can be played in a first-person perspective. The party’s character portraits are visible alongside the world. Movement is tile-based and the player can only turn at 90 deg increments. It was compatible with modern VGA displays, as well as a variety of sound cards to create effects and background music. The player could use either the keyboard or mouse to navigate the interface.

Differences between Wizardry 7 and Gold

The only differences I could find were that Wiz 7 Gold ran on Windows 98 while Wiz 7 needed a patch; and Gold’s music was much worse than the original. My vote goes for the original flavor.

Wizardry VII (Crusaders of the Dark Savant) and Wizardry Gold share the same storyline and characters, with only minor differences in the interface and illustrations. Due to differences in ending points from Wizardry VI, there are different starting points for this version.

These differences are minor and do not impact the plot of Wizardry VII. The party eventually lands on the planet of Guardia in search of the Astral Dominae, a divine artifact that the Dark Savant, an archvillain, seeks out.

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They find the artifact first but must trade it to the Dark Savant to free Vi Domina who is being held hostage. Vi and the party are taken to another starship by the Dark Savant, which takes them to the planet Dominus. Here they will face their final encounter in Wizardry 8.

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