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D&D 5th Edition Spells – 5e Light

Features of the spell 5e Light

5e Light: The school of the spell is evocation. The level of the spell is a cantrip. Talking about the casting time it will take one action. The range of the spell is touch. The components of the spell light 5e are verbal and material and in material, it will involve a firefly or a phosphorescent moss. The duration of the spell is one hour. The class of the spell is bard, sorcerer, wizard, cleric.

When you touch any object it will shed a bright light and it will last for the duration of the spell. This will illuminate a twenty food area and it will dim the additional twenty feet that will be beyond that. The castor in the spell would dictate the color of the light and it will emit from the source. The object you are going to touch that will emit light should not be longer than ten feet. In this spell, you can completely cover the object with something opaque and it will block the light from and it will prevent it to perform its functions.

In any case, if you try to attempt to cast the spell on an object that is being worn or it is being held by a hostile character then the character would prevent it from succeeding from rolling a successful dexterity saving throw. And to make it work you need to follow one formula and it is for dexterity saving throw: it is 1d20 + their dexterity modifier. If you try to cast it again or in case you dismiss it as action then the spell would end.

Talking about the pros of the spell there are many. One of them is it is the light spell and there will be so much of the utility that will be tagged into such a simple effect. You can do many things with the light spell. You can find a way that will have darkness around it. You can also light up the campsite instead of finding material. Light can cast an object and toss it so you can easily throw off your enemies. You can make blind any of your enemies when they are middle of the fight. You can also hang an item with the light around a small animal’s neck so that the light can move easily. 

It is though one of the best cantrip that is available to use along with the other classes as you need to prepare much to use this spell and you can cast it freely. 

Talking about the cons of the DnD spell they are you need to have the proper material in order to cast this spell in order to resolve the spell. So it would be up to your dungeon master that will determine how easy it is for you to find them. You know that fireflies are mostly like to found in the open fields, forest edges, and also at the riverside late at the night. Your master can keep this information handy if he pays much attention to this. 

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