D&D 5th Edition Spells – Absorb Elements 5e Guide

Absorb Elements 5e Guide

This is another spell from the Xanathar’s Guide to Everything and here are the features of Absorb Elements 5e Guide spell:

The level and the school of the spell is adjuration. The casting time the spell takes that you will take when you take the acid, fire, cold, thunder damage, or lightning is one reaction. The list of the spell this includes is Ranger, Sorcerer, Artificer, Wizard, and Druid. Talking about the range of the spell it is range. The components of the spell are somatic. The duration that the spells take in giving the action is one round.

There are a total of thirteen main damage types that are in the game D&D and that can be Bludgeoning, Force, Cold, fire, acidity, psychic, toxin, necrotic, radiant, lightning, piercing, thunder, and slashing. Out of all these types, NPC and every monster have some resistances, immunities, and vulnerabilities to all those types of damages. There is no other way to handle these damages.

Absorb Elements 5e Guide

When a fireball is thrown at you the next time and the time at which you are about to get a bolt of lightning through the body then you need to consider the absorbing elements. The most interesting thing about this spell is very interesting and also it comes with a lot of implications.

There are many elements of these spells and those are: absorb elements. Absorb elements is just another spell from Xanathar’s Guide to Everything. Some energy is captured from this D&D spell and it will lessen the effect on the creature and it will store it for you for the next melee attack. In this, you have the resistance to the triggering damage type till you start the next turn. It will take extra damage of 1d6 on the next turn of the melee attack when you hit it for the first time. It will give the damage that will have the triggering type and then the spell ends when you hit for the next turn.

At the second level when you cast the spell at the higher levels then the damage is increased by 1d6 for each slot above the first one.

Then you can break the spell down. First, at the level of the adjuration spell, there needs to be a reaction at the time of casting. And whenever you take the cold, fire, lightning, acid, or thunder damage then only you can cast the spell. You know that it only requires a somatic component and also at the same time it lasts for one round only.

When you hit these with the type of energy then you are given two effects then you have the resistance from the damage type until you start the next turn. You can also store some type of energy when you hit the target with the melee attack. It is the addition to the regular damage. It will take extra damage of 1d6 and also it can be upcasted for more stored damage. You can easily hit with a firewall and you can also cast the spell then at the same time you can absorb that fire energy.

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