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D&D 5th Edition Spells – Create Bonfire 5e

Features of the spell Create Bonfire 5e

Create Bonfire 5e: The casting time of the spell is one action. The school of the spell is conjuration. The level of the spell creating bonfire is a cantrip. Talking about the classes of the cantrip they are sorcerer, warlock, druid, wizard. The range of the spell is sixty feet or we can say five feet. 

The components of the spell are verbal and somatic. The duration of the spell is one minute. 

Talking about the attack and save of the spell it is DEX save. The damage and the effect of the spell is fire. The reference of the spell is EEPC 16.

You can create a bonfire on a particular ground that would be within a range. Till when the spell ends and then the magic bonfire would fill a five-foot cube. Then any of the creatures that will be in the bonfire space will be succeeded on the dexterity whenever you will cast the spell and it will save the throw and it would take the fire damage of 1d8.

You should know the fact that any of the creatures will also make a saving throw whenever it will move the bonfire’s space for the very first time on a specific turn or else it will turn over there in the spell.

The bonfire will ignite the flammable object in the original area and it won’t be worn or it won’t be carried away. 

As we know every spell damage will increase when the spell reaches a higher level. Similarly, for this spell to create a bonfire the damage level will increase when it reaches the higher level and the damage level will be increased by 1d8 when it reaches the level fifth (2d8), level eleventh (3d8), and level seventh (4d8). 

The create bonfire will give you the damage same as that of the produce flame and at an equal cost. The trade-off will create the bonfire 5e would remain after dealing with the damage.

 The create bonfire spell will create one magical bonfire just like most of the fires create light. The fire will also be able to ignite inflammable objects and the advantage of this fire is that it will keep you warm in the winter.

It will give flash damage of d8 on your turn and you have to assume that it will not save and at the same time it will continue to burn in the five feet of the area and also you can trap any enemy that you want and you can drop in a choke point and it will continue to do the damage for a full time and in this game combat time is also for a very long time. 

It will require some concentration and it is a pricey commodity and you can caster it later. If you have decided to burn the house with the vampires and you don’t want to go in then you should use this DnD spell as it will keep you warm and you need not go out. Basically, it is a mini fireball that will be stuck around the cantrip level.

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