D&D 5th Edition Spells – Infestation 5e

Infestation 5e

Features of the Infestation 5e

The school of the spell infestation 5e is conjuration. The level of the spell is Druid, Wizard, Sorcerer, and Warlock. The casting time the spell takes is one action. The range of the spell is 30 feet. Talking about the components of the spell they are Somatic, Verbal, and Material. The duration of the spell is instantaneous. The attack and save of the infestation is CON. the reference of the spell is XGE 158.

In this spell, you can cause a cloud of mites, other parasites, and fleas. It appears momentarily on any one creature and you can then see within range. On saving throw of the constitution then the target must succeed on that. It takes apparently 1d6 poison damage and it moves 5 feet in a random direction if it can move then the speed is at least 5 feet. You can roll a d4 for the direction and the different directions one, north 2, south 3 or east and 4 west. These directions will not provoke the opportunity attacks and the direction is rolled is blocked and the target will not move in this spell. 

As we know every spell’s damage increases when they reach higher levels so in this spell infestation 5e too the damages increases by 1d6 when they reach the level 5th (2d6), level 11th (3d6), and the level 17th (4d6). 

I must say that this is one of the most fun role-playing spells that you will ever use. But talking about the effectiveness of this spell we need to see how effective is this spell. We can think of the situation that is very handy in this spell and we are not sure how to use it when there is something like a green flame blade, blooming blade, or also others that are available and they are also fun for the role playing.  

Talking about the rules of the spell then you should know that this spell would not break a grapple condition on the following thing that is Moving a grappled creature. That is when you move the grappled creature or you move the grappled creature then the speed of the spell is halved unless and until the creature is more or two sizes smaller than you. Then you can eventually think that the target would carry the grappled victim with them and you should be willing to give the grappled party advantage on their escape roll.

Talking about how to unblock the doorway then you need to keep certain things in mind and that is while moving someone five feet away will not feel like much but it will also not end their movement. It will rather provoke the opportunity attack and it could actually move the target that is closer to the caster and the target is the entire purpose is to hold the position then it can easily handle that. 

This spell gives some damage and the d6 might not seen like much but it has the potential to kill a kobold or a peasant. Also, remember that this spell will bypass armor and many such things. 

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