D&D 5th Edition Spells – Minor Illusion 5e

Minor Illusion 5e

Features of Minor Illusion 5e

Minor Illusion 5e: The cantrip of this spell is an illusion. Talking about the range of the spell it is 30 feet. The components of the spell are somatic and material. They are a bit of fleece. The duration of the spell is one minute.

The magic tricks are merely illusions in the real world and they are tricking the audience’s eyes with fast movement and misdirection. The magicians can easily pull out a rabbit from a hat, they can perform card tricks and all the stuff like that. In the D&D world, magic is very powerful and you can revive the dead and you can easily transform them into other animals and creatures. This will change the reality and all the related things to that.

In this spell, you can use real-world magic to cause the misdirection with the use of the minor illusion. It wouldn’t expand the character’s spell slots just because it is a cantrip. This spell minor illusion will not use any buffs to your party and it is a useful tool that can be used in misdirect and to mislead others.

Talking about the uses of the spell then it is situational. But you can use this spell commonly too. You can trick your opponents by forcing them to make the decisions that will benefit the party and the party is also a part of the adventure. In this spell, if you are looking for the cantrips that you can easily add to your list of the spells then you should consider the minor illusions and if you have doubt about using this spell then you read further about this spell Minor Illusions.

You can read more about the spell on page 260 of the player’s handbook that is given to you for playing the game. The characters that cast the cantrips are the different spells at any time. Although it will not expand the spell slot and also you can use it many times as much you want. The main purpose of using this spell is to deceive others.

The thing you need to know about using this spell is to decide how to cast Minor illusions. That will include that this must be included in the spell list and using this spell as a racial feature spell. While using this spell your hands must be free to move which means that they should not be bound by Shackles or any kind of ropes. Also, you should have the materials that are needed to use this spell. That will include a bit of fleece until and unless you have an arcane focus.

Also on the other side you know that this spell uses the somatic component this means that your hands should be the gestures to cast it. If your hands are not free to move then you will not be able to use this spell. You should have a bit of fleece to cast this spell and in case if you have the arcane focus that most of the spellcasters have then you would not need not have the material with you in any case.

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