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Produce Flame 5e

Features of Produce Flame 5e

Produce Flame 5e: The school of the spell is conjuration. The casting time the spell takes is one action. The range of the spell is itself. Talking about the components of the spell they are verbal and somatic. The duration of the spell is ten minutes. The attack and save of the spell is ranged. Produce Flame 5e has the reference as PHB 269.

In this spell, one thing appears in your hand and that is a flickering flame. This flame remains there for the duration and it will not harm you and it will not harm your equipment. In a radius of ten-foot, it will shine bright like a bright light and for the additional ten feet, it will dim light.

If anyhow you cast the spell again or you dismiss it as action then the spell would end. So when you will cast the spell or the action on a later turn you can hurl the flame at a creature that will be within 30 feet of you. You can now make a ranged spell attack. It will make damage of 1d8 when a hit is made.

As we know every spell damage increases as the spell reaches a higher level. Similarly, for this one too, the spell damage will increase by 1d8 when you will reach level 5th (2d8), level 11th (3d80 and level 17th (4d8)

It is a kind of iconic spell and the spell caster is in a dark room that will snap their finger and also there a ball of flame will appear in their hand. Although light is better for providing light to see also it is not as visceral as holding a living flame in your hand. 

You can throw this spell up to 30 feet for damage and you can’t do it with light. It is not a handy little damage spell but it has some flame-based character builds. 

We should also not forget that flame is flame in the end and it has uses other than just throwing it at the people for damage purposes. You can use it to start bigger fires, warm up leftovers, burn the ropes, and for all the other things that flame can handle and it is suitable for. 

Also if the druid in the darkroom happens to tie up then it can safely produce the flame to burn through the ropes and that too without worrying about setting the own robes on fire. It is for their own skin. And it for both verbal and the somatic components and also your druid will need a free hand and at the same time no gag.

There is one thing to think that is whether it could be combined with an open-handed attack or not. Talking about the description of the DnD spell it says although it is a ranged attack when it is used offensively also at the same time it would allow it under the rule of cool standards. You should ask the druid or brawler whether they are willing to spend time practicing in that maneuver or not.

Also whether they are willing to accept the damage on their hand when it is used that way and it will not be hot to you until you make it as a weapon. Then it will be hot to you with all the others too. 

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