D&D 5th Edition Spells – Ray of frost 5e

Ray of frost 5e

Features of Ray of Frost 5e Spell:

Ray of frost 5e: The cantrip that ray of cantrip has is evocation cantrip. The casting time the ray of frost takes is one action. Talking about the range of the spell it is 60 feet. The components of the spell ray of frost 5e include verbal and somatic. The duration of the spell is instantaneous. The classes of the spell are sorcerer and wizard.

There are a lot of spells fire spells in the D&D 5e and there is a lot of fire and it includes sacred flame, fireballs, and faerie fire. This game offers various damage types that people tend to overlook. Cold damage and frost belong to those types and their ice spells often glance at.

Although this is not one of the well-remembered fireball spells it does give solid damage and also has a few interesting effects that every single caster needs to consider having in their arsenal. 

Within a range, there is a frigid beam of blue-white light streaks that are moving towards the creature. You can make a ranged spell attack against the creature. It will take 1d8 cold damage on a hit and at the same time, the speed will be reduced by 10 feet until they start the next turn.

As we know the damage increases every time the level increases of the spell. In the same manner, when this spell level reaches level 5th (2d8), level 11th (3d8), and level 17th (4d8) the level of the damage will increase by 1d8.

This verbal requires somatic and verbal components when we break down the spell. When the range is 60 feet then it can be used by the wizards and the sorcerers. You need to take one action to cast this and also you will need a ranged spell attack.

The target will take 1d8 damage when the spell attacks the hit and at the same time, there will be slow moment speed which means it will be slowed by 10 feet until your next turn. The level of the damage will go up when you reach higher levels. You can use this spell as much as you want as this is a cantrip level spell and you can have it for that day. There is no need to burn any spell slots in order to use this spell.

There is one amazing thing to use this spell and that is you need not upcast the spell and in place of that you need to burn a second-level spell slot in order to get extra damage of d8. For this one thing that you need is that you need to be on level 5 and then the damage goes up on its own. It is amazing for the casters as it will provide them extra damage for the spell at the same time when you are casting the cantrip. In this way, you can also save the DnD spell slots for something else that you need.

This was all about the ray of frost spell.

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