D&D 5th Edition Spells – Shocking Grasp 5e

Shocking Grasp 5e

Shocking Grasp 5e: It is a cantrip and this spell is not picked up very often as the other spells. But this thing has surprising usefulness for a spell caster. The melee aspect of the cantrip will place it in risk or reward or also an emergency that has use only category. You can read all the rules of using this spell in the player handbook on page 275.

Features of Shocking Grasp 5e

The school of the spell is evocation. It is also one of a cantrip. Talking about the range of the spell it is itself. The components of the spell are Verbal and somatic. The duration of the spell is instantaneous. 

In this spell, the lightning springs from your hand and it will deliver a shock to the creature whenever you will try to touch the creature. In this spell against the target, you can easily make a melee spell attack. If the target is wearing more of the armor that is made of metal then you can have the advantage on the attack roll. It will take a 1d8 lightning damage whenever a hit is made and it will not take the reactions until it starts the next turn. 

As we know every spell damage increases as it reaches a further level, similarly in this spell the damage increases by 1d8 when it reaches the level fifth (2d8), level 11th (3d8), and level 17th (4d8). 

Talking about the rules of the shocking grasp then it has some benefits also at the same time it has a negative side too. In this, the spellcaster is not a class to lean on a melee attack. There is one advantage of using this spell and that is you can save some hit points if the caster chooses to flee and the advantage against the metal armoris is nice and the enemy has lost the reaction. Then it will save the hit points.

It is a very great cantrip to use for the casters for those who choose to get in close or who find themselves in melee often. The damage that it leaves has a lot to be desired for a cantrip and also it requires a caster to be in the melee range. The damage is d8. This is not their specialty. This will make it more suitable for the backup cantrip than a primary means of attack. There are a lot of cantrips that are best suited for combat casters and also have a better range. 

Another interesting thing about this shocking DnD grasp spell is that is about its effect and how it is applied. For instance, looking at the advantages of using this cantrip then you should know that this is the best cantrip that is being used against humanoid or intelligent enemies. In this, most of the monsters don’t wear armors and it will conclude that there is a chance in the improvement of the hit.

A caster can be bailed with the loss of the reaction in case they find themselves singled out in melee. So the caster can use their action to disengage and run.

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