Sword Burst 5e

D&D 5th Edition Spells – Sword Burst 5e

Features of Sword Burst 5e

The school of the sword burst 5e is Conjuration. The casting time the sword takes is 1 action. The range of this spell is 5 feet. Talking about the components of the spell they are verbal. The duration of the spell sword burst 5e is instantaneous. The attack and save is DEX. The reference of the spell is SCAG 143. The casters of this spell are Arcane Trickster, Sorcerer, Wizard, Warlock, and Eldritch Knight. There are scales in this Spell too. 

In this spell, you can create a momentary circle of many spectral blades that you can sweep around yourself. Within a range the creatures apart from you must succeed on a Dexterity saving throw or take 1d6 force damage. Every spell’s damage increases when it reaches some further levels. Similarly, when this spell reaches level 5th (2d6), Level 11th (3d6), and level 17th (4d6), the damage of the spell increases by 1d6. 

You should know one thing that is Blade ward cantrip is added to this spell sword coast adventurer’s guide. It was added by someone who had the same idea. This blade has a whirlwind of blades that are flying around but no. There is one difference in the spell and that is the magic. There is one magic school blade ward is abjuration and that is all about protective spells. The abjure is to solemnly renounce and it’s in deny for these purposes. On the other hand, sword burst is conjuration. It defines that you are literally conjuring a burst of blades that are around you.

In this spell sword burst 5e, there is one thing that is the damage is not slashing and it’s force damage. The good thing about this spell is that you are bursting out short-range magic missiles.

There are many creatures in this spell or we can say only a few that have the resistance or they have the immunity to force damage and make it a great option when they are fighting unknowns. 

Talking about the components of the spell they are awesome as it has only verbal components and it is pretty nice about this spell. 

People using this spell would like to use this technically and thematically. You would love to create a fun character around it. 

When you cast this spell sword burst then you need to form an attack roll and the spell’s range is doubled at the same time the sword burst cantrip requires the targets to form dexterity saving throws. In this way, the spell sniper doesn’t apply.

The wording in this spell is typically deliberate. As we know they are very different in specifics. They can be explained as:

Sword burst pops of dexterity whereas the thunderclap requires a constitution saving throw. 

Sword burst doesn’t force damage at all but on the other hand, thunderclap does thunder damage.

Sword burst is verbal and on the same side, the thunderclap features a somatic component only.

Sword burst is stopped by a silence spell and on the other side thunderclap is unaffected in damage with a limited thereon

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