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Thunderclap 5e

Features of Thunderclap 5e 5e

Thunderclap 5e: The level of the spell is artificer, bard, sorcerer, warlock, wizard, and druid. The school of the spell is evocation. The casting time that the spell takes is one action. The range of the spell is five feet. The components of the spell are somatic. Talking about the duration of the spell it is instantaneous. The attack and save of the spell is CON. The reference of the spell is EEPC 22.

In this spell, you can create a burst of thunderous sound. These can be heard still if you are 100 feet away. Each creature is within a range other than the creature you are having. You must succeed on a constitution that saves throw or it will take 1d6 thunder damage.

As we know every spell damage increases as it reaches a higher level, for this spell thunderclap the damage level increases when it reaches the higher level. The damage level is increased by 1d6 when you reach level 5th (2d6), level 11th (3d6), and level 17th(4d6). 

In this spell, the cantrip is originated from the caster and it will potentially damage the creature that is within 5 feet. The creatures that are outside that range or they are up to 100 feet away will hear the thunderclap and they are not damaged by this and they will not require anything to make the saving throw. 

This spell is very loud. Blooming blade is also similar spell-like this and the DM tend to miss out on the ancillary effect of the noise. For example, if you are fighting in an underground lair of the bugbears and at the same time you decide to do a thunder-based spell similar to this one, then I can bet that for every single inhabitant there is going to come running.

If you are not aware of the magic then you must come to see what will happen but more likely they are very familiar with murderhobos that are trying to come in and they will slaughter their families and also they will steal their stuff. So you can guess that they will eventually show up and they will be ready for battle. 

Apart from the noise part, this spell is actually very great and also it has an anime kind of feel. It’s fun to use this spell. This thunderclap spell is great for melee casters and even just when your caster of any of this kind is surrounded by minions.

The effect of the spell is centered on you and it will affect everyone that is within five feet of range. Also, you should know the fact that the spell has no target. As it has a sudden outburst of sound you can easily figure out anyone that will be within five feet of range. It is potentially powerful AoE also considers the fact that it is a cantrip. 

So this was all about the DnD thunderclap spell and the cantrip. If you know any further details of the spell then do mention those in the comment section. 

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