D&D 5th Edition Spells – Word of Radiance 5e

Word of radiance 5e

Word of radiance 5e is a cleric spell. It is a cantrip. Word of radiance targets animals that are 5 feet away. Word of radiance is a battle cleric. You can also recommend this to get a cleric with a war domain or also a life domain. You are well armored when you reach level 5.

When you are in the range of 15 feet, you can save or take 3d8 or also you can cut the rate in half. You can also cast spirit guardians. In this, you can throw away the spiritual weapon as a bonus activity and also at the same time you can continue to attack. You can attack with it as a bonus action. You can get 5e word of radiance at that moment of time.

In a divine word, one thing erupts from you that is burning radiance. Each creature of your choice that you are going to see must succeed on a Constitution saving throw or it will take radiant damage of 1d6. The damage of the spell can increase by 1d6 once you reach level 5(2d6), level 11th(3d6) and level 17th(4d6).

Meanwhile, you can suppose that there is 5th level cleric (Wis 16) who is surrounded by three heavy monsters. Without magic, he can go up to 17+ AC and also inflict 1 round (145d8+16d6+3). It can also have maximal potential damage of 1259 harm in one round. Probably you can’t strike with everything at each and every moment. But trust me at level 5th it has fantastic potential.

ne thing you need to know is that you can move all clerics together like you can take two or three or four levels five clerics together but it is very disturbing for you. It is disturbing because it will permit you to exclude people. It can overlap a few of the effects. A single goal can be received from four clerics and it will fall into the consequences. It will also inflict the single target 13d8+8d6+12 in every round.

More of Word of Radiance 5e:

The school of word of radiance is evocation. The casting time the word of radiance takes is 1 action. Its range is 5 feet. Word of radiance components includes verbal and material. The word of scales has scales. The material includes a Holy symbol. Its duration is instantaneous. Its attack and save is CON. The reference of the word radiance is Xanathar’s Guide to Everything (XGE) 171. Its level is a cantrip. The spell of the word of radiance is a cleric.

It sounds great and fun at the same time to have a spell like this that can turn into a mini fireball of radiant damage. It is more awesome if you have the cleric in the melee but it is worth getting exposed just for the sake of the spell. It is great to have an area of effect spell but also, at the same time it has some drawbacks too.

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