Does Alfred Die in The Batman

Does Alfred Die in The Batman? Busted, Is It True

Andy Serkis is the one who plays Alfred Pennyworth to life in Matt Reeves’ The Batman, but many are concerned about the butler-turned-father character Bruce Wayne in the new film, and it’s an unfounded fear. Alfred is generally always a target for enemies who are a part of Bruce and Batman. Once anyone discovers who he is, they target those closest to Alfred (i.e., mostly Alfred or Wayne Manor).

The question that everyone is asking is: Does Alfred Die in The Batman? The answer is very interesting to see Bruce and Alfred’s character.

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*Spoilers in the movie The Batman lie ahead. **

Does Alfred Die in The Batman? Shocking

The simple answer is No; Alfred is fine. Alfred does get injured during the attempt of Riddler to murder Bruce Wayne, and it gives Bruce’s perception of Alfred in the right perspective. At the beginning of this film, Bruce clarifies that Alfred isn’t his dad, this isn’t a false statement for Bruce to convey to Alfred, but it’s unkind given the facts we have learned about their relationship.

However, the place the Batmanshines to Bruce in the way it does for Bruce and Alfred lies in the fact that Alfred can clearly comprehend Bruce and his suffering and always puts him ahead of anything else. It’s so easy to allow Alfred to get angry with Bruce in this film because Bruce is cruel to him when seeking to stop the Riddler. Alfred lashes out at Alfred and blames Alfred for his hurt and, when he finds out about the truth about his parents of his, Alfred does not hesitate to lie to defend Bruce, but he informs him of the truth.

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Their relationship is constantly a mix of Bruce Wayne having to rely on Alfred to keep his two lives afloat. Alfred believes Bruce is his responsibility even though Bruce is now an adult. Alfred sees Bruce as his son to keep an eye out for. In addition, Bruce is so anxious about his relationship with Alfred’s parents and his own goals that he is often dismissive of Alfred’s concerns and does so quite clearly when he appears in The Batman. In the same way, he stares straight at Alfred and tells him it’s not his father.

If the Riddler delivers a bomb to Wayne Tower to cause the death of Bruce Wayne, labeling the box to Bruce Wayne’s sole eyes, it is destined to be in the hands of Alfred’s before it reaches Bruce. His wrath over Bruce for the “sins of his father” that Riddler takes out on Bruce instead directly hits Alfred. Fortunately, Alfred is still alive and is currently in the hospital, allowing him and Bruce to communicate.

Alfred can survive. Alfred can live, and his pain is a key factor in Bruce’s comprehension of his parents and their relationship to the riddles the Riddler is releasing to the world.

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