Does Beocca die in Last Kingdom

Does Beocca die in Last Kingdom? | The Last Kingdom: What happened to Beocca

The fifth season, also known as The Last Kingdom, is streaming The Last Kingdom’s fifth and final season is streaming Netflix right now, and viewers are eager to know all about the cast and characters. This article will focus on Beocca’s death so that you will get answers to the query. Does Beocca die in the Last Kingdom?

Father Beocca was a gentle heart and a courageous combatant and was a close friend to Uhtred from Bebbanburg (Alexander Dreymon).

Does Beocca die in the Last Kingdom?

Father Beocca is killed in a dramatic scene. Father Beocca died on the soil of his birthplace. His last breath taken from his lungs was Bebbanburg air.

Wihtgar claims Uhtred will witness his son’s death before his own. Everyone puts down their swords in an attempt to stop Wihtgar, but it’s not working. 

Beocca is injured with an arrow and killed by a shot aimed at Uhtred’s son after getting through the way after Wihtgar was able to trigger the weapon, thereby saving Young Uhtred (Finn Elliot).

Beocca was the household priest for Uhtred and had baptized Uhtred as a child, and the two getting reunited a few years later in Wessex.

Although the Saxons or Danes split Uhtred, despite Uhtred being divided between the Saxons and Danes, Beocca had always been loyal to Uhtred and stood for what Uhtred believed in.

Fans shed tears when, during season four, Uhtred called Beocca “father” before setting off back to Bebbanburg.

Beocca is the most close person Uhtred was in his relationship with a father figure after losing his actual father in an attack.

Who killed Beocca In The Last Kingdom?

His death was caused at the hands of Wihtgar (Ossian Perret) with an arrow destined for the son of Uhtred’s mission to recover his ancestral home, Bebbanburg.

Who are Uhtred’s other Children?

Young Uhtred, also referred to as Oswald, is Uhtred and Gisela’s son. In the fourth season of the show, he was in a relationship with Father Beocca (Ian Hart) who sacrificed himself to help Young Uhtred during the beginning of the series. 

He was raised as a Christian after being kidnapped from the king Alfred (David Dawson) the young Uhtred eventually started to embrace his father’s Pagan practices after they were reunited , and swiftly established an unbreakable relationship.

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