Does Cassady’s Lydia Leave for the Commonwealth in The Walking Dead? Theories

Lydia Leave

The AMC’s post-apocalyptic drama The Walking Dead season 11 is the Commonwealth’s Governor Pamela and deputy Governor Lance Hornsby arrive at Hilltop to provide Maggie an opportunity to work together between the two communities. Although her fellow residents urge her to take advantage of assistance from the Commonwealth, Maggie passes Pamela’s invitation because she is aware that jeopardizing Hilltop’s independence and sovereignty isn’t a way to go. 

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However, Maggie’s choice is followed by Dianne’s departure from Hilltop to seek a home at the Commonwealth. In the 13th episode of season 11, Lydia chooses to go with Dianne and leaves Maggie and Hilltop to their own devices. Will she then go to the Commonwealth? Let’s see!

The Walking Dead SPOILERS AHEAD.

Will Lydia leave to join the Commonwealth?

As Pamela and Lance come to Hilltop and offer assistance, Lydia starts to dream of a more stable existence. The lack of food and the general lack of security within the community prompt Lydia to advocate for the Commonwealth before Maggie. But, Maggie decides to reject Pamela’s plea to secure Hilltop’s liberation. 

Lydia, however, is unable to understand the reasoning of Maggie. Lydia thinks that Hilltop and every other member of Hilltop, including her, are desperate for help from Pamela. Therefore she decides to leave to join the Commonwealth and begins her journey to the closest Commonwealth checkpoint, only to be delayed by an ailing horseman.

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Lydia travels with Maggie and Elijah to an unidentified community that seeks their assistance. 

While on their way, they meet Aaron, who informs them that a Commonwealth officer known as Toby Carlson and his soldiers are engaged in a murder spree within a community nearby. Aaron guides Lydia, Maggie, and Elijah to save Gabriel’s facility. They could be able to find Gabriel and Negan to aid them in fighting Carlson and his army to escape the building. If they are successful in doing this, they could return to Hilltop to ensure their safety.

Even if Lydia initially chooses to leave to join the Commonwealth, her meeting with Aaron, Gabriel, and Negan is likely to alter her decision to follow Dianne to the civilization. Lydia might realize that the Pamela community is a different one in which there is authoritarianism rather than a haven like the latter portrays. She might now understand Maggie’s view that the Commonwealth could be able to exert its power over weaker communities in the way they see fit. The realization of this may not inspire her to go to Pamela’s world.

Since Negan is back, Lydia may seek his suggestions regarding options in her hands. The Commonwealth could not be the last option for Negan to choose for her. Because Maggie’s action to help Gabriel could trigger Lance to launch an attack on Hilltop, Lydia may stay in Hilltop to fight the enemies of her fellow Hilltop members. 

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Together with Negan, Aaron, Gabriel, and other Hilltop group members, Lydia could assist Maggie in any way she could rather than abandon them for her selfish reasons. Because there is a rift between the Commonwealth and Lance’s inhumanity and savagery are revealed through Carlson, Lydia may stick with those she trusts more than those who lie to her.

In light of the possibilities, we think that Lydia might stay in Hilltop and take on the Commonwealth in the event of a need. If Lance intends to take on Hilltop, especially following Maggie and the group’s battle to defeat Carlson, Lydia may defend Hilltop by all means.

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