Does Earl Ragnar die in The Last Kingdom?

About Rangar

Ragnar Ravnsson, also known as Ragnar The Fearless, supported each of The Saxon Stories novel series, The Saxon Stories novel series, and The Last Kingdom television series.

The Earl was a Danish Earl and warlord, the father of Ravn, who was an earlier chieftain and Earl. He was the spouse of Sigrid and parent of Ragnar the younger, Thyra also the foster dad of Uhtred.

Does Earl Ragnar die in The Last Kingdom?

Aethelwold decided to murder Ragnar first, before he could harm the victim and then attacked Ragnar in the night. Ragnar was engaged to Brida (Emily Cox), and she was devastated when she heard that he had died.

In the second series in the second season of The Last Kingdom, he helped release Uhtred and his new companion Finan (Mark Rowley) from slavery. Additionally, he was brought back to the sister Thyra (Julia Bache-Wiig) who was imprisoned.

By the end of season three Ragnar was still at war with Uhtred regarding Uhtred’s decision to back his King Alfred (David Dawson) and the Saxons.

Ragnar was enthused to lead a massive force of Danes to battle Alfred and take over his realm of Wessex for themselves. Since Uhtred could not aid these Danes Ragnar removed him from the title Ragnarsson.

Which episode does Ragnar die in The Last Kingdom?

Haesten says to Uthred that Cn*t could convince Ethelwold to take down Ragnar (“Episode 4.3”).

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