Does Fergus Die

Does Fergus Die in Outlander Season 6? Theories

Starz’s historical TV series “Outlander” is the sixth season. It depicts an emotionally-stirring period in Fergus’s life. Claire and Jamie’s adopted son start to feel guilty for not protecting their family from Lionel Brown. Claire assures Fergus that he can’t do anything to prevent the family’s misfortunes, but Fergus doesn’t get Claire’s logic.

Fergus despairs even more, when Marsali has a child, a dwarf. This causes him to end his suffering. While Fergus is fortunate to escape death, viewers may wonder if Fergus’ suicide attempt was a warning sign of his imminent death. Let’s find out. SPOILERS Ahead.

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Does Fergus Die?

Fergus is devastated when he realizes his son is a dwarf. He begins to believe that Henri Christian became a dwarf because Henri Christian didn’t protect his family. He also believes that his son’s dwarfism was a punishment. Fergus is afflicted by these misapprehensions. He begins to feel weak when he learns that his wife Marsali has killed Lionel Brown. These troubling thoughts and beliefs led him to try suicide.

Jamie saves Fergus even though Fergus tries to kill himself. Jamie tells Fergus he is an essential part of his family and motivates him towards reconciliation with Marsali. Jamie intervenes to save Fergus and give him a second chance at life without guilt or regrets. Fergus is still vulnerable emotionally because he has not fully recovered from his traumas. Fans of Fergus will be interested to see if he follows the same path as in the next episodes of the sixth season.

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Fergus isn’t dead in Diana Gabaldon’s novel, ‘A Breath of Snow and Ashes, which serves as the source text for the sixth season. Gabaldon’s novel series ‘Outlander’ shows Fergus changing his outlook on life after Jamie intervenes. He moves from Fraser’s Ridge to New Bern, a city in eastern North Carolina, to start a print shop and eventually commence publishing a newspaper titled L’Oignon-Intelligencer. Fergus is influenced by his new responsibilities, and he finds happiness after he moves to a new place. We believe Fergus will be alive for the sixth season.

We can expect to see Fergus & Marsali rebuild their relationship after a turbulent time. Fergus could become more responsible and stop drinking alcohol completely, as he promised Marsali. He might also accept Henri Christian as his son without feeling guilty. In season 6, Fergus is seen joining Mr. Bug to trade goods. This is to help him recover from the pain that he suffered while living on Fraser’s Ridge.

This short journey might also help him see the value of his family and make him rush to his son and wife after completing the trades. Starz has already revealed the seventh season of the series, which adapts ‘An Echo in the Bone.’ We can expect Fergus’ story to continue after the sixth season. His decision to move to New Bern, and the consequences that it has on Fergus’ life, could be pivotal to the show’s future narrative.

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