Does Finan die in The Last Kingdom?

Does Finan die in The Last Kingdom

Is it true that Finan dies in The Last Kingdom? You may not know, but we know. That’s why we have mentioned everything about the Finan death in The Last Kingdom. So, read the complete article.

Finan, also known as Finan The Agile, is the main character of The Saxon Stories novel series and The Last Kingdom television series. Finan is an enthralling Irish warrior who is a sworn oath to Uhtred.

Does Finan die in The Last Kingdom?

Uhtred, as well as Finan, will be in a relationship for the majority of the fifth season, however it’s not yet determined what will happen to Finan in the future. Finan’s character is featured in all the Cornwell books and he is alive, which means that Finan will be a part of the adaptation on TV in one shape or form.

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Finan had been exiled out of Ireland and taken to slavery when he broke up in a relationship with his brother’s wife. Finan was married already to royalty however, he was looking for his brother’s wife Conall who was a dairy worker. They tried to hide , but they were discovered and Finan was removed from his home.

Finan, Osferth, and others tried to safeguard the most people they could. As Finan’s wife walked along the docks to signal an alarm and was attacked, Finan’s wife was also attacked.

Finan was forced to decide between helping Osferth kill two of his accomplices or helping save his wife. He chose his wife which resulted in Osferth being shot in the back.

After the men of Aethelhelm had left, Finan rushed over to an ailing Osferth. Osferth was terrified to die, however, all occurred within Finan’s arms.

Finan suffered the pain of death even blaming himself for the death. If he hadn’t decided to marry the woman he married, Osferth would still be alive. In reality, however, the exact opposite could have been true about his wife.

After sharing a few information to Uhtred, Uhtred very quickly clarified that the death wasn’t in Finan’s part. The death of Osferth was at Aethelhelm’s shoulders.


Finan’s character can be found in all Cornwell’s novels and he is alive, it is likely to remain throughout The Last Kingdom Season as an individual in one form or some other way.

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