Does Gisela die in Last Kingdom

Does Gisela die in Last Kingdom?

Does Gisela die in Last Kingdom? Yes! Gisela dies. How? Find out all the details below.

Gisela is one of the central characters of The Last Kingdom, as also The Saxon Stories – the novels written by Bernard Cornwell on which the series is the basis. His father was a Danish warrior and she was also the daughter of the king Guthred from Northumbria (Thure Lindhardt) who was betrayed by Uhtred later in the series.

Does Gisela Die in The Last Kingdom?

The tragically Gisela was killed in childbirth with the baby she attempted to give birth to in the first place, and Uhtred was devastated since she was the only woman he loved.

Hild (Eva Birthistle) and Thyra were there to help her during their labor and the latter was the one who had the difficult task of telling Uhtred that she could not survive.

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When Uhtred was with Guthred He noticed Gisela as a background figure. He immediately fell in love with her, but she was already married.

After Guthred had forced Uhtred to slavery, he forgave Uhtred on the possibility of marrying Gisela. Gisela gave Young Uhtred (Finn Elliot) and Stiorra (Ruby Hartley).

Hild (Eva Birthistle) and Thyra assisted her throughout her labor. The first had the painful task to inform Uhtred she could not survive.

Gisela was a believer to Uhtred and his work to help the King Alfred (David Dawson) and was a powerful woman, whom the Uhtred’s family and friends revered.

What episode does Gisela die in The Last Kingdom?

Gisela tragically passed away while having a baby Osbert during The Last Kingdom season 3 episode 1.

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