Jerome Die in Snowfall

Does Jerome Die in Snowfall | 3 Deaths in Snowfall

Death is not a novel idea in snowfall.

For the initial 10 minutes, the focus was around Franklin and Veronique eagerly announcing they had secured the downtown property they’ve always wanted to purchase. With only a week left to deposit the earnest cash into escrow, the couple decided to ask Louie and Jerome to get their share of the purchase, only to find out that Franklin’s aunt and uncle weren’t interested.

Louie claimed they were contemplating the idea, and Jerome stated that the price of $10 million was too much. However, when Franklin changed the price and attempted to play with Louie even though they had fought before, Louie seemed to take too much pride in smashing her nephew’s dreams and claiming they had their ideas. The angry and disappointed Franklin broke up and was able to take Veronique with her, and she refused to give up. Instead, she said to Franklin If his mom Cissy intervened, maybe Cissy might be able to change Jerome or Louie’s minds.

In Season 4 only, viewers have seen the violent deaths of an innocent five-year-old girl and Fatback, the kind but foolish man who took the blame for her death right up to his own. However, Wednesday’s series of murders from the final episode of the season, entitled “Sleeping Dogs,” felt like something else and was more shocking. It could be because two deaths could have been avoided.

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The details will be revealed in a moment. Before that, let’s take a look at Manboy’s death at the hands of Franklin. For the past few weeks, this man has been in the middle of drama with his brother-in-law, Skully. While Manboy and his crew tried to murder Skully with Franklin’s permission and support, Manboy quickly switched lanes after Leon mistakenly shot and killed the 5-year-old daughter of Skully Manboy’s niece.

After the last episode, we discovered that Manboy had offered their girlfriend of Franklin, Tanosse, $100,000 and also protected her older brother while in prison in exchange for Franklin to disclose the source of his drugs, or “plug.” Of course, Franklin figured out the double-cross.

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Does Jerome Die in Snowfall

It’s fascinating to note that using her as a model caused Manboy’s demise. He realized that the meeting she had said she would attend was a ruse. However, he and the boys did not realize that Franklin was aware that Manboy was too clever to be a fool and was likely to make it at Tanosse’s home instead. This is exactly how Franklin, Leon, Jerome, and Peaches gained the upper hand on Manboy and the rest of the group. However, only after Tanosse brutally attacks him with a knife does he attempt to strangle her and take her to the ground for telling him lies.

“How’d you know I was gonna be here?” A shocked and bloody Manboy, also known as Drew (aka Drew), asked Franklin as he lay in a coma on the floor of Tanosse’s.

“You were always smart, Drew,” Franklin replied with a cold smile. “Just not as smart as you thought you were.”

Wanting to die even more rapidly, Manboy talked smack about Jerome, Franklin, and Leon. Many also made jokes about Leon’s friend Fatback when he confessed how his sibling Khadijah was the one who killed Fatback.

That’s why Franklin shot his friend a couple more times. However, he wasn’t dead yet, and Franklin only shot the death shot at his throat following Manboy stating the possibility that Jerome and Leon might turn on Franklin one day. He was always talking too frequently, Franklin concluded.

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The entire group then focused their attention on Tanosse, who was stunned. Franklin advised Tanosse that she needed to notify the police that Manboy was trying to rob her. So, she cut him in the back and shot the man. Franklin also stated that Tanosse would have to figure out a method to explain the death of Manboy’s acquaintances outside. Man is breaking with Franklin is an unforgiving and savage affair.

Three Characters Die

Unfortunately, with Manboy dead, there was no doubt that Khadijah would become more violent and vengeful. Louie was recovering from the hospital and came up with a plan in which Franklin offered to pay the strippers/hit ladies Black Diamond and Dallas double the amount Khadijah had paid her to get double-crossed. This is precisely what Franklin did with the help of Wanda as an aide. After receiving a fair amount of compensation, Black Diamond and Dallas agreed.

Who’s Trying to Kill Franklin and His Family?

They located a payphone that they could make a call and notify Jerome to know what was happening; however, before Jerome -who was enjoying a meal with Louie, Veronique, and Cissy, was able to find out the details of what transpired or the location Franklin was, a second van pulled up in front of the outdoor seating area of the restaurant and started firing on the diners, too. A few innocent diners were killed, but Louie, Jerome, Cissy, and Veronique did not suffer one scratch.

The two women shared Khadijah on a plate. Skully attempted to caution her she was being a danger to her; she and Leon were even trying to talk with her. However, Khadijah declared that she would never stop trying to take down Leon until she lived, so Jerome shot and then killed the girl. As Leon, we cried in silence as Khadijah was unable to take her last breaths, as her sorrow over her daughter’s and brother’s deaths made her into a vicious killing machine.

And Leon, even though he was sorry for killing her daughter, contributed to making Khadijah this way. It is also possible that you have to wonder what will occur to Skully after saying goodbye to his daughter and girlfriend in the morgue because of Franklin’s group. Does he have a desire for revenge?

However, Khadijah’s demise wasn’t the only one to be prevented. Similar to Khadijah, Irene seemed to have a wish to die in a few ways. Teddy warned the journalist that if she did not quit discussing the role of the CIA in South Central L.A. cocaine suppliers and the next time he met her, he’d kill her. She did, however, appear on a radio show that was public access show nonetheless and spilled some more tea.

Poor Irene. Did she not know that Teddy was a drug addict? Did she not know that Teddy did not reveal all that information since he was sure she’d die before the tale saw its light the day. Drunk and high, Irene smashed into a parked car, and Teddy came out, wiped her off, and smuggled drugs. Many people believe that Irene’s character is based on Gary Webb, the real-life journalist who revealed the CIA and then died tragically. Maybe this is why her character was destined to fail from the beginning.

Fans have to watch and find out the outcome of this episode. Alton will escape in time, or Teddy or Franklin will kill him for his snitching with Irene. Whatever the case, next week’s Season 4 finale will be ablaze.

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