Does Mildrith Die in The Last Kingdom?

Does Mildrith Die in The Last Kingdom?

Mildrith, from Liscumb is a character supporting the Last Kingdom television series. Mildrith was the first wife of Uhtred. Does Mildrith die in The Last Kingdom or still alive? Check here.

Uhtred’s wife and Odda the elder’s godchild. Mildrith is kind, reliable and gorgeous. A deeply committed Christian Mildrith is kind and committed to her workers at her estate.

Mildrith is embarrassed by her debt to the church that she inherits from her father who died. Her faith grows as she stays with the wild pagan Uhtred creating an iceberg between them.

Does Mildrith Die in The Last Kingdom?

What happened to Mildrith in the last kingdom?

Last time she was giving birth to one son in Winchester, which she called Uhtred after her father. However, her son died.

In a private discussion, Uhtred apologised for the life he had given her, however, she was determined and assured her husband she will have more sons with his new love.

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Uhtred is also aware that Mildrith has a huge due to the church, which further causes them to fall apart. They have a son together however, when Uhtred arrives home to a woman who is not his, Mildrith closes her heart to him for the rest of her life. Their son dies, and Mildrith opts to become a nun and stay in the household of Odda.

How old was Mildrith in The Last Kingdom?

Mildrith is first mentioned once in “The The Last Kingdom” when Uhtred is a member of the Saxon ship “Heahengel”. The year is 874, when she was 16 years old.

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