Does Natalie Gibson Based on a Real Friends from Michelle Carter?

Does Natalie Gibson Based on a Real Friends of Michelle Carter?

An in-depth investigation into the tragic deaths of Conrad Roy III, with particular attention paid to Michelle Carter’s role in the same story, ‘The Girl From Plainsville is a true crime story that is unlike others. Since, just a few days after the young man took himself, the story was brought to the light that his girlfriend of 17 years has repeatedly insisted on him doing the same thing via a myriad of texts and phone calls. In the end, however, the character that captivated us the most during the show, aside from the main parties, Michelle’s sole constant companion Natalie Gibson, so here’s the information we have about her.

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Is Natalie Gibson Based on a Real friend from Michelle Carter?

The truth is that much in the Hulu original is based on the real world; even Natalie Gibson (portrayed by Ella Rubin from the movie ‘The chair’) has seemingly been inspired by a real person named Samantha “Sam” Boardman. In comparison, Michelle’s actual “friends” acknowledged during the trial that they sometimes refuse or even avoid her constant solicitations to chat or send texts, Samantha conceded that the pair had developed a real friendship. Despite the frequent messages and bizarre behaviors, she said she’d grown to cherish Michelle after they had opened up with each other regarding personal concerns.

As per the reports, Samantha and Michelle rarely had a conversation in the absence of school following their first meeting in their junior year. However, they remained close over Michelle’s struggles with having an eating problem. “I was watching her and what she was taking in,” Samantha testified when her friend was convicted for involuntary murder in 2017 and accused of convincing her boyfriend to commit suicide. She also admitted that there were times that she felt overloaded by Michelle’s frequent messages, particularly while she was working or performing other obligations, but the messages always worked out.

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Most importantly, however, Michelle had incriminated herself at least twice in messages to Samantha the day after lying about Conrad missing, who ended up dead. “Sam, I am sorry for his loss, it’s my fault, and truthfully I could have prevented his death,” one of her messages said. “I was calling him, and he walked out of his car because it was working but was scared, and I was f**king telling him to go back inside.” She added, “I knew he would be back to do it again the following day. I could not let him continue living as he did any longer. I would not allow him to.”

“I just finished talking about calling Conrad’s mother around 20 minutes ago. She informed me that the detectives needed to show up and look through his belongings and other things,” Michelle’s second apparent admission via text to Samantha. “It’s something that has to do with having to do with suicides or murders… Sam, If they were to read my text messages with me, I’m done. His family will not like me, and I’m likely to go to prison.”

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Michelle was found guilty of all of this, and Samantha began to concentrate on her life. So, as far as we have gathered, by her 20s, she lives in Boston, Massachusetts, where she is employed as an Account Manager for a company that provides staffing services. Samantha was a graduate with a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, focusing on Marketing and Public Health, from the Isenberg School of Management, UMass Amherst, in 2019.

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