Does outriders crossplay exist? You must check it out!

The game Outriders benefits greatly from friends teaming up. It is easier to deal with enemy encounters when all four classes are present. Additionally, the grinding and farming that you find in live service games can be a lot more enjoyable when you have a few friends shooting at the enemies on Enoch.

S both off to a fantastic start to the new console generation, friends might have picked up Outriders on different consoles. Crossplay is becoming more popular, and this means that many players expect cross-platform gaming to People Can Fly’s flagship looter/shooter.

Does Outriders have crossplay?

Outriders supports crossplay between all platforms and computers. This will please players. S, Steam, and The Epic Games Store can enjoy farming for legendary drops together. 

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Crossplay is not available in Outriders Stadia, but People Can Fly has assured Stadia users that it will soon be.

Crossplay might seem like a new feature to some players returning to Outriders after resolving the server issues. However, crossplay was intended to be enjoyed on all platforms. Developers People Can Fly needed to remove this feature because it was causing more crashes and disconnections for players.

Crossplay in Outriders is working just as it should, however, the option isn’t enabled automatically when you launch the game. Before they can search loot together, friends will need to navigate through a few menus.

How to make crossplay possible in Outriders

It’s easy to enable crossplay and start a party with your friends in Outriders. These steps can be followed regardless of platform.

  • Navigate to “Gameplay” tab in the main menu before launching into the actual game. (Left on the dpad on consoles).
  • Click the “Enable Crossplay” option to make it appear ‘On”.
  • Return to the main menu, and click on ‘Play with Friends’
  • Choose from ‘Generate Your Game Code or ‘Join a Game Using Code.
  • Share the code with friends who want to play, and then wait for them to join. Or input a friend’s code to join their party.

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Players can now take on the dangerously addictive world of Enoch together on PC or console.

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