Does Paul die in 911 Lone Star?

Does Paul die in 911 Lone Star

There are reports all over the place about Brian Michael Smith leaving 9-1-1: Lone Star. In the lead-up to tonight’s show airing on Fox, It’s evident that the writers don’t want you to be worried.

Does Paul die in 911 Lone Star?

If you’ve viewed some of the promotional material advertised to promote this episode before, you’ll be aware of what’s going on in this article. A character has been told there is a problem that makes it difficult for him to enjoy a lengthy and well-balanced life, doing what he enjoys.

This doesn’t mean that he has to take a step back and think about his options. Consequently, you observe him suffering what appears to be a heart-related event when he is on the job. Instead of assisting others, he might find himself in a situation where he is dependent on assistance instead.

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There have been numerous instances before that Lone Star writers don’t have a problem putting their characters in danger this season. Paul suffered from issues in the ice storm. TK was under serious threat, and it wasn’t known whether Grace would be able to give birth to her child.

All this without noting the sudden, shocking decision to kill Gwyn. There is a real risk in this scenario for Paul and to stand there and say that he’s not is lies.

We were hoping that the show tonight would provide us with some answers. This was not the kind of problem that would be resolved in the future. How did they solve this?

In a way, yes. Paul is still alive, but it’s clear that he has a long path ahead. It is hoped that he will enjoy the support of the people closest to him.

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