Does riders republic crossplay exist?

Riders Republic has an extensive wide-open world filled with ski slopes, singletrack, and the thousands of others who play. The typical MMO includes cross-platform play and cross-progression in the game, making it possible to make friends or play the game on a different console, without losing your locked gear.

Ubisoft’s new IP lets crossplay as well as cross-progression on default. If you’re interested in learning more about these powerful features , or wish to switch them off, cross-platform play is implemented with Riders Republic.

How does crossplay work in Riders Republic?

With races that top out to a whopping 50 participants on the latest generation consoles and PC and integrating crossover into Riders Republic, there’s always plenty of people to race against. This also means that it’s easy to team up with your pals with friends on Xbox, PlayStation, and PC with no issues.

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This feature will be activated when you first start the game. You’ll receive a pop-up message that informs you of its presence. We highly recommend leaving crossplay enabled (as it improves matchmaking, and makes the world appear like a crowded resort) However, here’s how to turn off Crossplay on Riders Republic:

  • Pause your game.
  • Click on Gameplay from the Gameplay menu.
  • Scroll down until you find and select the Crossplay option (this is located under the submenu Opponents).
  • Turn off Crossplay.

When crossplay is disabled and you’re only matched together with riders from the platform of your choice. It is possible to jump to the main menu to activate crossplay.

How does cross-progression work in Riders Republic?

In addition to a user-friendly and robust game with a crossplay feature, Riders Republic also features cross-progression. Everything you’ve unlocked is linked directly to the Ubisoft Connect account, so when you sign on to the same account you’ve been using to play on the same statement, all your statistics will be transferred to a different platform.

Keep in mind you Republic Coins are tied to a specific platform. If you’re able to acquire any of these premium currencies and plan to switch the console you play Riders Republic on, make sure to use each one of them, or you’ll lose the money.

How to join or host a multiplayer match

If you’re starting up Riders Republic and want to play with your friends but aren’t sure how, we’ve got to say: You’ll need to get through the introduction section to the gameplay. It lasts for around one hour, and at this there are a myriad of new possibilities available.

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After you’ve finished the intro, you can suspend the game and start the social tab. From there you’ll have the ability to invite friends or manage your group or look up the most recent riders whom you’ve competed against. As long as crossplay is enabled , you’ll be able to socialize with other riders across all platforms.

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