Sidney Die in Sanditon

Does Sidney Die in Sanditon | Parker’s Tragic ‘Sanditon’ Write-off (SPOILERS)

Spoiler alert This post contains spoilers from Season 2 episode 1 from Sanditon .

This Season 2 premiere of PBS’s Sanditon was a difficult moment for everyone who loved Sidney Parker, played by actor Theo James. When the show — that is based on Jane Austen’s unfinished novel in fragments following her death ended, Sidney was ready to get married to his girlfriend, Charlotte Heywood. 

As we discover just minutes into Season 2 Episode 1 the wedding has been called off. There was some unexpected deaths, Does Sidney Die in Sanditon?.

Read on to learn about the story of Sidney Parker in Sanditon.

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What did happen to Sidney Parker? Does Sidney Die in Sanditon?

It is with a heavy heart we have to let you know we are sorry to inform you that Sidney Parker has passed away. While on a trip to Antigua where he was a victim of yellow fever.

Even before the opening credits start viewers watch the funeral of his son. Then the program cuts into scenes from Charlotte who hasn’t yet received the devastating news. Sidney’s sister in law Mary shares the news with her.

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Theo James had wanted his character to be erased from the screen.

Although Sidney’s passing comes as shocking but there were warnings. Theo James had announced back in May 2021 that he wouldn’t be returning to his character of Sidney Parker in Season 2.

He said to In The Wrap, “Although I loved playing Sidney for myself I’ve always believed his story was not as satisfying just the way I would like it to. The fairytale ending that was broken with Charlotte Sidney and Charlotte Sidney is unique, distinct and fascinating for myself … I wish the Sanditon cast and team from Sanditon the best of luck in the future with their series.”

However, the show’s writers had to alter the story without the help of him.

Prior to the Season 2 premiere, Sanditon‘s producer Belinda Campbell spoke at a Television Critics Association panel in January 2022 on Theo’s decision. Based on The Decider who attended this panel Theo “had different opportunities, and chose not to return.”

“I thinkthat, sincere, when he said regarding his response towards the love-story that broke element was a good one. believe the man was truly feeling that. He believed that it was a unique and thrilling conclusion and was content to end it,” she said referring to the quote Theo offered to to The Wrap.

In addition, the Head author Justin Young discussed Theo’s exit in this same session.

“Theo stated in a very explicit manner that it was his intention not to return, therefore we needed to figure out ways to deal with this. It’s obvious that we shouldn’t change the way we think about it since that would have destroyed all the morality of our universe. It’s not possible. Therefore, we decided that we have to inform viewers at the very beginning that he’s not returning,” he said, noting “and we must let the audience grieve in the same way as Charlotte.”

It was decided that having Sidney Parker die, as instead of having him go away in a different way seemed to be the best choice in the eyes of Sanditon writers. Sanditon creators. The way Justin said: “It gave us this huge emotional experience at the start of the season which is the basis for the entire story,” he said, noting that “really the entire season is about that the way that everyone moves to the next chapter after Sidney.”

Sanditon is shown at weekends at 9:00 p.m. ET at 9 p.m. ET on PBS.

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