Does Uhtred die

Does Uhtred die in The Last Kingdom Season 5

The fifth season, and the final one of The Last Kingdom is available to watch on Netflix today. Fans of the popular show are using social media to share their excitement about the release of the binge-watch.

Of all the questions addressed, the majority of readers are curious to find out if Uhtred died in season 5 of the previous kingdom? 

We’ve already created an announcement about this. Also, go through the entire article to find out more about the Uhtred tale of death.

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Does Uhtred die in The Last Kingdom season 5

The final episode of The Last Kingdom begins at the place where the story started: Bebbanburg. Uhtred has entered the castle to rescue his beloved daughter, Aethelflaed, who was kidnapped, Aelfwynn, from the plotting Aethelhelm and his current partner The King Constantin who is from Scotland.

Wihtgar, Uhtred’s nemesis, tries take Aelfwynn’s life in the battlements. Uhtred who is hiding, fights Wihtgar to help Aelfwynn. As Aelfywnn escapes, Uhtred finds himself reunited with his friends, however, Wihtgar warns his enemies. 

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A fight ensues, in which Edward leading his army (including Aethelstan) against Bebbanburg as Wihtgar pursues Uhtred within.

The search is futile, until Uhtred and his sons make it out of Bebbanburg. He comes across Stiorra and asks his daughter to join the Danish troops to Saxon cause. 

Uhtred draws on his dual background to tell that if they prevail, Northumbria will be an area that Danes and Saxons can live in peace.

Stiorra and her people are in agreement and are able to take on the Scots from behind. Constantin is in a panic and orders his troops to start a fire at Bebbanburg to blaze.

Uhtred is able to make his way into Bebbanburg to take on Wihtgar. He must first fight his liars. Aethelstan goes with his mentor to the fortress, and discovers Aethelhelm. 

Aelfweard, his half-brother Aelfweard arrives and is threatening Aethelstan and then reveals that the older man’s plots were the reason for the death of Aelfweard’s mother.

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Aelfweard leaves his grandfather, who decides to commit suicide after Aethelstan decides to keep Aelfweard alive.

Uhtred and Wihtgar wrestle in the dark and our hero is able to kill his evil cousin by shoving him off the balcony. Uhtred and Aethelstan are reunited in the fiery area of Bebbanburg.

Aethelstan is begging him to go, but Uhtred declares it’s his destiny that he be killed in Bebbanburg. 

The skies open and provide the fire by pouring down rain. Uhtred eventually takes over his birthright, and makes peace agreement with Constantin who then quits.

Our hero is back with the children of his family. They are all together. Uhtred revealed that he had promised Constantine that Northumbria will remain as a buffer zone in between England as well as Scotland until an emperor worthy of uniting England is found. (That’s Aethelstan, the first historical king of the unification of England.)

We are treated to a final montage that shows Uhtred acknowledges that the man he is Uhtred as his son from Uhtred and fate is all!

Does Uhtred die in The Last Kingdom season 5 – FAQs

What did Uhtred do to Brida?

After it was discovered that the Dane force was defeated by Tettenhall, Brida begged Uhtred to end her life before she was humiliated by being held prisoner. 

In awe of his inability the courage to kill her, Brida was imprisoned, was abused and shamed at the hands of the Welsh.

Does Uhtred marry Aethelflaed?

The beginning of the fourth season of The Last Kingdom, Aethelflaed and Uhtred admitted their love for one another and formed a secret friendship. 

Uhtred was a constant supporter of Aethelflaed’s cause and assisted her fight the Danes during The Battle of Tettenha.

Who does Uhtred sleep with?

The story of “The Pale Horseman”, Hild was sexually assaulted and prostituted following her capture by the Danes after they had taken Cippenaham before being saved by the Uhtreds, Steapa as well as Alfred. Then, she becomes Uhtred’s friend and lover following the death of Iseult and follows Uhtred back to Northumbria.

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