Elden Ring Patch 1.05 Patch Notes - 13 June 2022


Spell Type Dragon Communion Incantations

FP Cost 48 (6) Slots Used 1


Spews scarlet-rot breath from Ekzykes from above


Intelligence 0

Faith 23

Arcane 15

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Ekzykes’s Decay is an Incantation in Elden Ring. The spell Ekzykes’s Decay lets you create the cloud with rot.

A superior incantation for Dragon Communion.

It channels the power of Ekzykes declining.

Transforms the caster into a dragon, spewing the breath of scarlet rot from


Charging extends the duration. The incantation may be performed during a jump.

Ekzykes, the Dragon Communion Revenger, didn’t forget his hate even when he was afflicted by the scarlet Decay.

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Where can I find the Ekzykes’ Decay:

  • It is available at the Cathedral of Dragon Communion in Caelid for 2 Dragon Hearts after beating the degrading Ekzykes.


  • Dragon Communion Incantation
  • Stamina Cost: 60
  • Deals with physical injuries.
  • Inflicts Scarlet Rot buildup (110 per tick) on opponents.
  • It covers a larger area is greater than The Rotten Breath. It is also reported to do more base damage.
  • Your character is slightly swayed while performing the spell.
  • The duration can be extended to allow you to breathe and also to rotate your character to spew into different directions.
  • It is possible to cast during a jump. However, the cast time isn’t extended if your seal is offhand.

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Ekzykes’s Decay

The Decay of Ekzykes has an offensive Dragon Incantation that is part of the Elden Ring that was traded during the Cathedral of Dragon Communion after defeating Decaying Ekzykes.

A powerful incantation that evokes Dragon Communion. It evokes the power of Ekzykes and the decaying. The caster transforms into a dragon that spews the breath of scarlet from above. Charging extends the duration. The incantation is able to be chanted during a jump. Ekzykes, Dragon Communion Revenger, was not able to forget his hatred, even as he was afflicted by the scarlet Decay.

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Where to Get Ekzykes’s Decay

Ekzykes’s Decay may be acquired by completing two Dragon Hearts at the Cathedral of Dragon Communion in the south of the Caelid Region. But, this incantation can only be obtained after defeating the world’s chief, Decaying Ekzykes, who lives near Caelid. Cathedral of Dragon Communion in Caelid.

Ekzykes’s Decay Stats and Effects

  • Requirements: 23 Faith, 15 Arcane
  • Cost: 36 (6) FP, 60 Stamina
  • Memory Slots Used: 1

This powerful magical attack releases blood-red rot from Ekzykes from the top. In contrast to other Incantations, Dragon Incantations require both Faiths as well as Arcane.

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