Elden Ring Dragoncrest Shield Talisman +2

Dragon crest Shield Talisman+2 can be used in Elden Ring as a talisman.

It offers a +77% physical damage reduction. This talisman comes in 4 variations, including Dragoncrest Greatshield. However, only one variant can be worn at a single time.


Iron wrought talisman showing a trio of ancient Dragons.

Vastly improves physical damage mitigation.

The Erdtree would have protected their lord through the protection of the ancient Dragons, who ruled in prehistoric times.

The shape of the dragon is symbolic of all kinds of protection.

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  • Obtained from an unidentified corpse in northern Farum Azula. North from Dragon Temple Altar, descend a drop off a broken floor and follow a staircase. Then, cross a window to go down and across a floating piece of floor. Continue straight through a doorway until you reach a long, floating chain. Halfway across the debris, look around to find a hidden floating chunk holding the corpse.
    • Start from Dragon Temple Lift. If not locked, turn around and descend the elevator to reach the beginning.
Daniel Downey
Daniel Downey
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