Elden Ring Graven School Talisman

Elden Ring Graven School Talisman

Graven-School Talisman is a Talisman in Elden Ring. The Graven-School Talisman boosts the effectiveness of sorceries by 44%. The players can make use of talismans within Elden Ring to boost a number of stats.

A talisman depicting the graven mages’ school, the terror of the academy.

Increases the power of spells.

The primal stream is a forbidden art of sorcery with glintstone. For those who adhere to its beliefs, the practice of collecting sorcerers and transforming them into star seeds is an alternative path to scientific research.

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Graven-School Talisman boosts the effectiveness of Sorceries by 44%.


  • In Raya Lucaria Academy, from to the Debate Hall, the site of grace, go west, then turn left before going down the steps. There should be empty shelves in the distance in front of you. Hit it to break the illusionary wall, and continue on the path. Take the ladder up (after collecting the Comet in the chest as well as the Stone sword Key from behind the altar) and then turn to the east. climb over the railing and then drop through a small hole. You will be in the room that has numerous living jars The talisman is right next to the crystals. The right-hand door returns you to the room that is below the one you were in. It is a room with several Raya Luciaria Sorcerers as well as a giant Living Jar. 

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  • Sell Value: 1,000
  • It is not in conflict with Graven-Mass Talisman, which allows the wearer to wear both to gain a +12% damage boost.

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