Elden Ring Multiplayer Not Working | Easy Ways To Fix

Elden Ring Multiplayer Not Working

Are you finding that Elden Ring Multiplayer not performing to your satisfaction? It’s not just you in this plight. Explore how the problem may be a result of an issue and what actions you can adopt to get back online and play.

Elden Ring has had its fair share of issues with its launch, as well as bugs and other issues. The most notable issues to be discovered include issues with the Connection Error Upon Summoning along with the Anti-Cheat Error. Both of these have been able to stop players from enjoying the game at full speed.

Despite the significant issues that have arisen following the launch of the game, FromSoftware has been diligent in eliminating the majority of the main issues. It’s evident that players are susceptible to encountering difficulties with the game. However, this detailed write-up is designed to assist you in overcoming those.

In our comprehensive review, the newest installment of the Soulsborne franchise has been able to earn a 10/10, thanks to its unique combat system and open-world gaming element, and most importantly, of all, the excitement of the test. Although you’re welcome to check out our opinions about Elden Ring, do check the best beginner guide to the class if you’re new to the franchise.

But for now, we’ll take a look at the error that causes multiplayer, what it’s about and how to find the root of it as soon as possible.

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Elden Ring Multiplayer Not Working Issue Explained

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The online component of this game, which is a genre-defining RPG, is likely to be one of the primary reasons people chose to purchase it initially. It’s regrettable to see your hopes wasted in the event that multiplayer features do not prove to be useful. The issue is when you are unable to join a game of someone else by virtue of being the invader or an all-intended ally. Or an opponent isn’t allowed to join either in the role of an invasion or as an all-around ally.

This is definitely not the ideal scenario in Elden Ring. Co-operatively play is a bunch of fun and useful also in equal amount. The players being cut off from this feature is a harrowing situation, with some groups refusing to play with the multiplayer feature.

This Elden Ring multiplayer not working problem is caused by various possible causes. Sometimes, it’s the internet connection speed that’s preventing players from online gaming. In other cases, the issue is probably not your fault on your part, as that game’s servers were removed from maintenance. Additionally, certain end-user settings could also be hindering the multiplayer in Elden Ring from functioning.

In order to get your copy of the game working normally again, you’ll need to test a variety of solutions, each step by step, until you find the root of the problem. As we mentioned earlier, Elden’s multiplayer issue may be due to something at the moment; however, don’t worry. We’ll help you sort all possibilities, from the main factors to the smallest specifics.

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How to Fix Elden Ring Multiplayer Not Working

The following is a comprehensive overview of what you can do to enable Elden Ring’s multiplayer once more. Make sure you follow the instructions in detail to get the most effective outcomes. We’ll begin with addressing some fundamental issues and then work towards more complex solutions.

Confirm Whether Elden Ring’s Multiplayer Servers Are Online

We’ve mentioned before that the intermittent downtime of Elden Ring’s servers for multiplayer might be a reason why you are unable to connect within the Lands Between. It’s an enormous “can,” and news like that is usually announced on the Internet prior. This is the reason it’s a good suggestion to look a brief glance at Twitter’s Twitter handle of the name to get updates on the issue that are at hand.

In the last few days, the developers have announced via Twitter that Elden Ring’s servers on the Internet will be down for maintenance and that the service will last for one hour. It happened quite recently, on March 23, so it’s likely that you’re getting caught in this situation at your end. We suggest you wait it out in the event that you notice a server slow down when you’re reading this article.

If, however, no issue from the developer’s side that is causing the suspension of your online gaming, Keep exploring other solutions to this Elden Ring multiplayer; not a working problem.

Is Your Internet Working Right?

elden ring co op

We are aware. It is the oldest of the books. It is, however, one that requires double-checking. We often overlook the possibility of a poor internet connection. In such instances, it is important to determine that you’re receiving the correct connectivity from your end.

Websites such as Speedtest from Ookla will help you determine the speed of your Internet. You can sign up to run a speed test and see if you’re receiving satisfactory results. Keep in mind that the minimum speed required to download data in order to enjoy Elden Ring online is 5 Mbps. Additionally, you require a ping of fewer than 250 milliseconds and the upload speed to be greater than 1 Mbps to get decent outcomes.

Any device that doesn’t make the cut will cause you to be extremely annoyed and will prevent you from enjoying your Elden Ring multiplayer experience. If you’ve discovered problems with your Internet, fix it the issue immediately. If your Internet was running smoothly at first, continue studying to find other possible solutions that can be related to internet connectivity.

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Reset Your Internet Router

Because this Elden Ring multiplayer is not working issue is related directly to internet connectivity in some way or other, we must exclude all possibilities related to the issue before we proceed. One solution that has helped a lot of players playing online has been simply a reset of their device or modem. Unplug the device that is the source of your internet connection, and keep it the same for a few minutes.

After that, connect the cables to the router, and try reconnecting to the Elden Ring servers a second time. Check to see if you can join an opponent or another player to invade or assist you. If you can get lucky and luck, you’ll see good outcomes on your own right now.

If not, you can read on for a different internet-related solution to fix this issue.

Try a Wired Connection

Internet connectivity that is wired is more powerful than the wireless connection, offering the same amount of bandwidth that’s not shared among users, fewer traffic barriers, and a better connection. All these elements come together to create a superior gaming experience, the ideal thing to have when online gaming. Elden Ring on the Internet.

One player, in particular, was able to resolve the multiplayer issue by obtaining an Ethernet connection via a Cable for LAN. Then, they reset their router’s internet connection and connect the device using their console.

When you connect Elden Ring to online servers, The cooperative game was made possible and was a win-win scenario for all. We strongly suggest you attempt the same and make use of wired connections for the RPG you’re playing as opposed to a wireless connection. It will help you learn to master the multiplayer component that is part of this game.

If you’re using any of the available PlayStation consoles, What this does is change your NAT type. In some instances, gamers who have NAT Type 3 on their console are able to change it into NAT Type 2. This can almost guarantee that you won’t experience any issues with your network.

  • If the NAT you’re using does not change to the one you want, We suggest speaking with the ISP (ISP) regarding the issue and asking them to help you.

But, if you aren’t able to access the Internet in the Lands Between despite having good Internet, don’t fret. There is a myriad of solutions still being discussed and discussed, so continue studying and don’t give up for now.

Optimize Elden Ring’s Network Settings

Within Elden Ring, you get the full menu of settings that lets you tweak the many options and procedures in the RPG action. In the same vein, there is an exclusive “Network” area too. This is primarily focused on online playability and allows players to play the multiplayer aspect of the game.

If certain settings aren’t properly optimized within the “Network” section, then you could be experiencing problems with your Elden Ring multiplayer not working problem due to this. To verify if this is the case or not, go through the next steps and repeat the steps outlined at your end.

  1. Start the menu in-game of Elden Ring and choose “System” from the menu “System” option.

Selecting the “System” Option

2. After that, switch to “Network” and then switch to the “Network” tab when you’re in the “Settings” section. Its “Network” tab looks like the shape of a globe, interspersed with spiral lines. Once you’re there, be sure your settings are illustrated in the picture below. Cross-Region Play should be set to “Perform Matchmaking.”

Send Summon Sign is required to remain activated as well as your Launch Settings have to be set to say “Play Online.” Finally, You must also accept Elden Ring’s Data Usage Agreement of Elden Ring. You can select that Data Usage Agreement option to disapprove of it and then accept those terms once more so that it can be reset.

Optimizing the Network Settings

Once you’ve checked off the settings, you’ll be able to fix your Elden Ring multiplayer error. A lot of players have these essential settings set incorrectly, which is the reason they are unable to play online. In conclusion, If you’ve got the correct settings, but the games multiplayer doesn’t perform the job for you, continue exploring for more possible solutions.

Adjust the Multiplayer Password Setting

Elden Ring’s multiplayer has the option to make an encryption password. This is intended to instill greater security in your games and is particularly useful if you prefer to play with your pals only. However, there’s quite some information that must be understood in this regard. In the first place, if you create a password for multiplayer Play on Elden Ring, you’ll be most likely to be matched with your gaming friends.

If you do not, however, and you leave the multiplayer password unlocked, then you’ll be able to connect to random online players. This is a crucial aspect of the online game in Elden Ring, which must be examined, particularly if you encounter problems. Follow the steps given to find the password settings for multiplayer within Elden Ring.

  • Go to the menu in the game for Elden Ring and choose the “Multiplayer” “Multiplayer” option. This screenshot explains the steps to take.

Selecting the “Multiplayer” Option

  • Use the “Y” button if you’re using Xbox One or Xbox Series X |S to access the password section for multiplayer. If you’re using PlayStation, then you’ll need to hit “Triangle. “Triangle” button.

Accessing the Multiplayer Password Area

  • The final and third step is to ensure that you’re not using a multiplayer password. This is unless you wish to keep your sessions private and don’t wish for random players to join you. If you’ve created an account password and you want to delete it, press the “X” button on your Xbox controller to erase it with ease. You can use the same button if you’re playing PlayStation.

Leaving the Multiplayer Password Blank

If you have already assigned a password for multiplayer and you are having an issue with the game not functioning issue due to it. A lot of players were able to return to online Play after removing this seemingly innocuous limitation.

Try it at your own risk and see what outcomes in the end. If you’re still not finding success with the title, be sure to keep looking for other methods to solve this issue.

Understand How the Multiplayer System of Elden Ring Works

In all fairness, Elden Ring’s multiplayer features are very involved. They require a degree of concentration, and there’s a possibility that you’re making a mistake. If you’re a seasoned player who knows about playing online games in The Lands Between, skip this section. If you’ve only recently begun the game with the Soulsborne franchise and Elden Ring is one of your first games within the Soulsborne franchise, you’re likely to want to learn more about the game.

There’s no in-game lobby or even a list of servers which you could choose and join a specific game’s session. As absurd as it sounds, the competitive and cooperative Play within Elden Ring is more believable. There are a few essential things that allow you to become a part of the world of another or let another person become part of yours. Let’s look at the most important ones below. You need to get caught up.

The first step is to utilize your Furlcalling Finger Solution to enable you to discern summon signs that have been left by other players. Signs of summoning are usually gold or red in color. Red summon signs are used to spell danger and are essentially means of attracting other players to take over your realm.

However, gold summons signs are beneficial and are left behind by players who wish to visit your world and assist you in beating bosses. It is necessary to go to these symbols and engage with them to play Elden Ring’s online multiplayer. If there are no Furlcalling Finger Solutions initial place, you will not be able to locate the signs.

The first step is to consume the item immediately so that you can visualize the presence of other players. If you’d like to be summoned into the world of a different player and be able to summon them, there are two major items to look through The Furled Fingers of Tarnishedand The Furled Fingers of the Duelist. The first allows you to sign up to help other players by leaving your personal gold summoning sign on the floor. This allows gamers to engage with the message that you left during their game.

“The Furled Finger” of the Duelist, in contrast, grants you the power to attack the other players. You’ll leave a red sign, and players have to walk up to it in order in order call you. The main goal will be to take out that Host of Fingers, who is the person who interacts with the summoning sign and allows you into their world.

The main takeaway we get from this article is two key points. The first is that you must make use of your Furlcalling Finger Solution to find summons signals left out by others. The second point is that you need be able to drop your personal summoning signs in different areas for the purpose of being invited to different sessions. If you’re not doing this, then we suggest you start immediately.

The next subsection explains the multiplayer aspects of the game that you ought to know about.

A Defeated Boss Fight Area Cannot Let You Summon Allies.

It is common for people to make a mistake and attempt to summon their companions to areas where the boss has suffered defeat. Then, it takes action both ways. This won’t be effective when either you or your friend kills the boss off in the location where Tarnished’s Furred Fingers is employed. For example, you’ve written the gold summoning sign in a particular location. Let’s suppose for a moment there’s a boss battle nearby the location.

In essence, you’ve made yourself ready for anyone who wishes to call you. Consider that your friend attempts to summon you from the exact spot in their game with the gold summon symbol you’ve left. However, they’ve already defeated the boss in that area, so they won’t be able to connect with each other. The multiplayer in this game works differently.

The best way to verify if it’s your Internet or this issue Elden Ring multiplayer not working hassle is to play the duelist’s furled finger. This can be performed by you, the person who is doing it, or a friend. If one of you is able to connect with each other and participate in the PvP scenario, it’s the reason we’ve been talking about in this article. You can try putting up a summoning symbol to show that the boss battle isn’t finished.


Elden Ring has had the largest launch in 2022 of all other games released. Hidetaka Miyazaki has essentially outdone himself in the level of excellence created in this action RPG. From featuring a wide array of guns to playing against a myriad of boss fights, Elden Ring will be an experience of a lifetime filled with the excitement of conquering back-breaking difficulties all the time.

But what could spell bad luck for the title is the existence of issues, bugs, and other issues that hinder players from playing the RPG at its heart. One of their problems is an issue with the multiplayer issue that is the result of numerous reasons, typically requiring players to attempt kinds of solutions. In this article, we’ve provided the most effective options to help allow the online component of the game to function again.

Sometimes it’s the game’s servers that prevent the game’s cooperative playing. In other cases, the blame lies on the part of the player for not comprehending how Elden Ring’s multiplayer system works. We’ve attempted to provide the basics of online gaming on Elden Ring’s Lands Between, so here’s hoping that you’ve grasped the entire idea now.

Let us know in the comment section in case any of the suggested solutions helped fix the issue. As always, exporter wishes you happy gaming.

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