Elden Ring Patch 1.05 Patch Notes – 13 June 2022

Elden Ring Patch 1.05 Patch Notes - 13 June 2022

FromSoftware developed Elden Ring, a role-playing action game published by Bandai Namco Entertainment. Hidetaka Mikazaki directed the play and collaborated with George R. R. Martin (fantasy novelist), who helped to create the setting.

Major Changes Included in the Latest Update – Elden Ring Patch 1.05 Patch Notes

Additional elements

In transactions using”Twin Maiden Husk,” the NPC “Twin Maiden Husk” The below Bell Bearing items have been modified to ensure that their liberated status is carried over onto the NG+ game.

Bone Peddler’s Bell Bearing/Meat Peddler’s Bell Bearing/Medicine Peddler’s Bell Bearing/Gravity Stone Peddler’s Bell Bearing/Smithing-Stone Miner’s Bell Bearing/Somberstone Miner’s Bell Bearing/Glovewort Picker’s Bell Bearing/Ghost-Glovewort Picker’s Bell Bearing

The choice for The Sacred Flask and several other alternatives that could be emphasized by the Grace Menu

Sound effects added when summoning signs appear

Bug fix

Corrected a bug that meant equipment could be altered in the equipment menu in the course of using the skill in certain situations.

Corrected a glitch within the “War Cry” skill where the effect was applied to a weapon which did not belong to the goal for the ability.

Fixed a problem where certain actions from”War Cry, “Barbaric Roar”, “War Cry” and “Troll’s Roar” recovery time was more than anticipated.

Fixed a glitch in which the effects of”Determination” and “Determination” and “Royal Knight’s Resolve” skill do not always last when using certain weapons.

Correction of a bug that caused certain abilities of the “Ice Spear” skill are invulnerable.

Correction of a bug that caused the attack strength of certain abilities to decrease when making use of”Golden Vow. “Golden Vow” skill.

Corrected a glitch that caused the light wave in the “Moonlight Greatsword” skill sometimes doesn’t aim directly at the target that is locked on.

Corrected a glitch that caused injury to allies playing the “Seppuku” skill under certain conditions.

Correction of a bug that caused the power of attack from”Seppuku” skill “Seppuku” skill to be more than anticipated for some attacks.

Corrected a problem that caused an effect of status was used in conjunction with the “Hoarah Loux’s Earthshaker” skill.

Fixed a glitch where there was an issue where “Waves of Darkness” skill could not strike the enemy by spinning the cleave.

Fixed a bug that led to inadvertent motions to play when switching between incantations or sorceries while using a spell or incantation.

Fixed a glitch that caused the FP consumption increased while making use of one of the magic items “Magma Shot” and “Roiling Magma” when riding on a horse.

Corrected a glitch where it was found that the “Claw Talisman” effect was not present when jumping using the “Starscourge Greatsword” in both hands.

Correction of a bug which affects affected the effectiveness of two-handed attack with the exception of jump attacks from the weapon “Golem’s Halberd ” is different from the expected.

Fixed a bug that occurred when making use of the “Pulley Crossbow” with the left hand, and the weapon in the right hand was conferred with an attribute through magical or other means the effect was applied also to “Pulley Crossbow” as well.

Correction of a bug that meant bolts and arrows that were not compatible with the long-range weapon type were released during certain methods.

Corrected a bug where boost for guards was cut when certain weapons were strengthened to the max.

Correction of a glitch in which the characteristics for weapons had the ability to be altered after the inventory reached its capacity to the max and ashes of war couldn’t be altered.

Corrected a glitch which caused boss “Malenia, Goddess of Rot” to be low in HP in certain conditions.

Fixed an issue that allowed adversaries to strike from out of of the fog in some zones.

Corrected a glitch in online multiplayer . when an opponent has been defeated by the host’s realm as a cooperative player the same boss will not be present in your own world.

A bug was fixed that stopped the battle against”God-Devouring Serpent” the boss “God-Devouring Serpent” from progressing in certain situations.

Corrected a glitch that prevented the appearance of hostile NPCs from appearing in certain conditions.

Corrected a glitch that stopped the story of the NPC “Alexander, Warrior Jar” from happening under certain conditions.

A bug was fixed where an product “Sacred Flask” is not repaired after destruction of the enemies in certain conditions.

A bug was fixed that in certain conditions, following defeat of”Starscourge Radahn”, the main character “Starscourge Radahn”, the user could not be moved from the map to grace.

If you are unable to move between the maps to grace, you can go towards the grace pressing to the grace “Starscourge Radahn”.

Correction of a bug that had prevented discovered sites of grace from being registered on the map in certain conditions.

Corrected a bug that prevented certain graces be touched under certain conditions.

Corrected a glitch that permitted hostile guests to gain access to boss areas in certain conditions.

Corrected a bug that prevented an important strike from behind striking in multiplayer that was hostile.

Corrected a glitch which caused the performance of functions to slow during the time it was the “Sentry’s Torch” weapon was fitted under certain conditions.

Stability of online multiplayer improved Between PS4 and PS5

Speeds of loading have been improved in S version. Xbox Series X|S version

Fixed a bug in which the master volume settings were not visible in certain scenes.

Increased stability of online multiplayer.

Corrected a problem that caused the sound to sound differently than was expected in certain circumstances.

A bug was fixed in which the game cease functioning and to die in specific places.

Corrected a glitch where the hit detection and the drawing differed from what was expected on certain maps.

A bug was fixed in a few maps that permitted players to get to locations that were not expected by following specific procedures.

Some texts were corrected.

Other performance enhancements and bugs fix

Modifications and updates for PC versions only.

The keyboard and mouse functions have been added to the game which can be input into “PRESS ANY BUTTON” on the title screen.

The game has added “Return to Desktop” to the menu item for system on the main menu to exit the game.

Modified so that mouse clicks are not recorded when switching windows from active to inactive.

A bug was fixed that caused slow performance in the event of making changes to “Screen Mode” and “Resolution” using a special process.

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