Elden Ring Spellblades Pointed Hat

Elden Ring boasts many different armaments. Many weapons are useful and can be improved by upgrading. However, armor sets are different.

Many Elden Ring armor sets are cosmetic and therefore have very little value in combat. Although every armor set is equipped with magical and physical resistances, there are often so few variations that the difference in stats that the player doesn’t care what they wear. Spellblade sets are one exception. This set gives buffs to its wearer and can be worn in two different looks depending on who it is.

Spellblade’s Pointed Hat

Spellblade’s Pointed Hat can be used as an Elden Ring Helm armor piece. This set can be used to build intelligence as it slightly enhances glintstone spells. This value can be added to other magic boosters, such as other spells or talismans. Because of its enhanced spell resistances, it offers strong protection against magic.

Spellblade’s Pointed Hat can have different appearances depending upon its outfit. Similar to other armor sets, these appearances can be modified depending on whether they are worn by male or female characters. Fashion Souls fans will find this hat to match well with other mage collections, such as the Snow Witch Set.

So how do Spellblade’s Pointed Hat be acquired?

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How to purchase Spellblade’s Pointed Hat

Sorcerer Rogue owned the original Spellblade Set. He is an NPC the player meets as a friend summon. He will help the player fight Margit, the Fell Omen. Rogier is a formidable spell blade. He can buff his rapier and use the glintstone spells he specializes in bombarding his enemies.

Rogier used the Spellblade Setting for most of his game until he died from Deathblight at Stormveil Castle. The hat and the entire set of Rogier’s can be found in Roundtable Hold. There, he was resting near the balcony which overlooks the entrance hall. Rogier also left his Bell Bearing. These can then be traded for the Finger Reader Crones in Roundtable Holder.

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