Everything About Sumin Singles Inferno

Everything About Sumin Singles Inferno

Netflix offers a variety of reality-based dating shows this year, as Singles Inferno episodes 7 and 8 are scheduled to air on the 8th of January. The show focuses on dating and sees an ensemble of Korean singles living on a deserted island, with little food and drink, no clue what’s going on, and plenty of unexpected events throughout the journey.

Singles Inferno has amped up a notch in the third round of shows when three newcomers were added to the show. The Netflix show has its guidelines: contestants are not allowed to disclose their age and work during their time in Inferno However, when they get to Paradise and can get to know each other better. We’ll find out about the newcomer to the show Kim Su-Min.

Kim Su-Min joins Singles Inferno

In the Episode 5, Kim Sumin landed at Singles Inferno and was the first to meet the island’s men.

Later, she met with the other women and settled to the group quite well.

Kim Su-Min and Moon Se Hoon were seen to have chemistry right from the beginning. But, she also drank water with Choi Si-Hun in the episode. Like the contestants are expected to do, Kim Sumin appeared to be gaining knowledge of everyone on the show before making any decisions.

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What’s Kim Su-Min’s role?

Kim Su-Min is not new to TV, since she is an actress.

She has appeared in television ads for companies like KFC and Angel-in-us coffee. She was as well to promote The 21st National Assembly Election.

The Singles Inferno star is also model and posts beauty and health brands on her social media accounts including Senka.

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