Fall Guys Cross Progression Not Working 2022 – How To Fix

Cross Progression on Fall Guys? Yes, this is true and you have this feature for free. However, some people have been complaining that they are unable to use Cross Progression on the game. Well, the issue of Fall Guys Cross Progression not working can be resolved as long as we are here for you to do the research part. 

Fall Guys is an amazing Battle Royale game where about 60 players can compete altogether in certain matches against each other. Recently, Fall Guys has also allowed the players the cross-play mode as well as cross-progression which means your progress in the game from an account will be saved and you can continue from any other device.

If cross-progression is not working for Fall Guys, and you want to use the feature, make an EGS account for yourself, and make sure that it is actively linked to your console. The account can then be linked to your multiple consoles where when you play with that account, you will be able to continue the game right from where you left off the last time you played the game.

Let us explain this to you in detail so you can conveniently be able to avail the service of Cross Platform on Fall Guys, just keep reading. 

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How To Fix Fall Guys Cross Progression Not Working?

Fall Guys Cross Progression Not Working - How To Fix Fall Guys Cross Progression Not Working?

If you are unable to use Cross Progression in Fall Guys, the most probable reason is that you do not have an active EGS account. 

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So, if you don’t have one, you will need to create an Epic Games Store account first to get the advantage of Cross Progression.

How To Make An EGS Account For Fall Guys Crossplay?

Here are the steps that you would need to follow to make an EGS account:

1. First, visit your EGS account’s profile page

2. Here you can link or unlink your various accounts like PlayStation Network, Xbox Live, Nintendo Switch Online, Github, etc. choose whichever account you wish to link.

3. Follow up with the sign-in procedure as directed on the screen and your accounts will be linked. 

Once you have linked all of your relevant accounts, all of those accounts will automatically have access to Cross Progression. 

If you are still facing any kind of issue with using Cross Progression on Fall Guys, then try unlinking your account and then again linking it. There can sometimes be a glitch, which can be resolved if you re-link your Epic Games Store account with Fall Guy. So, make sure that you also try this method out if you are still not able to make use of Cross Progression even after having an active EGS account.

Wrap Up

Now you know how to fix if Fall Guys Cross Progression not working for you. You no longer have to stress much over it, and just make sure that you have linked an active EGs account, and that’s it. 

1. How To Play Cross Play On Fall Guys?

All you need is to have your own Epic Games Store account and it should be linked with the game Fall Guys. once you are done, you can use the cross-play feature on Fall Guys.

2. Can You Link Fall Guys From Xbox To PS4?

Since the “Fall Guys” game has provided Cross Progression to its users, you can now easily link your Fall Guys from Xbox to PS4 as well as PS5, you just have an active Epic Games Store account and you can link the accounts easily.

3. Can You Play Fall Guys On Switch With Your Friends?

Not yet. Nintendo Switch currently doesn’t support Fall Guys, so you cannot invite your friends to play Fall Guys on Nintendo Switch with you.

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