Fallout 76 Friends List Not Working – How To Fix?

Getting difficulty adding friends to your fallout 76 sessions? That’s because of a bug existing within the game, but don’t worry we know the probable reason behind your fallout 76 friends list not working and we also know how this can be fixed. 

Fallout 76 is one of the amazing role-playing video games in the action genre which is available in the multiplayer mode. This means that you need to add your friends to the game to jump into its intense gameplay. However, if the game doesn’t let you add friends, how will you proceed with this? 

To fix the Fallout 76b friends list not working, you should try inviting or joining directly from the main menu. Console users must give a power cycle to their console. Adding your friend to the Favorite or Custom list can also help you out. Do you know the random guy method? If not then you must continue reading to see other fixes in detail. 

Let us know in detail all the causes of the improper functioning of the friends’ list in Fallout 76 and how the problems can be resolved completely. 

Why Is My Fallout 76 Friends List Not Working?

There are several reasons that might be stopping you from adding your friends to the session when you play Fallout 76, let us discuss each of them. 

When a player tries to invite another player via the in-game interface, there are several instances of this issue happening consistently. This problem usually occurs when the main menu joining of the game is broken. 

There are also chances that there is a glitch on your friend’s end due to which he/she is not able to join you.

You might not have added your friend to the Custom list which sometimes creates an issue while adding them to play the game. 

There are also chances that you or maybe your friends have closed NAT which might not let you play together. 

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How To fix Fallout 76 Friends List Not Working?

It is time to know some methods that you can apply to fix the issue of improper working of the Friends List in Fallout 76. 

1. Invite From The Main Menu Of The Game

As said, there can be broken joining from the game menu. So, we suggest you invite the other player to the game via the main menu of the game, and if you are the one joining with someone, then do this too from the main menu. 

All you have to do is exit the existing game session and go back to the main menu of your game. Then, head to the Social tab and go to your Friends list in the right corner. From here, you will easily be able to join the session you just left. 

2. Power Cycle Your Console

A lot of players have informed that they power cycled their consoles when they met with this trouble and it got immediately fixed. So, we also think that you should give this method a try. The power cycling steps vary for different gaming consoles. 

3. Add Friends To Custom Or Favorites List

Sometimes, just a simple thing like adding your friends to your Favorites( in Xbox) or Customs( in PS4) gets you rid of this issue of not being able to add friends to the game. You can use this workaround only if you are playing this game on a console. 

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4. Use The Random Guy Method

Here is another workaround that can help you out of this error. You just have to walk around in the map locations and look for any random guy that you don’t have on your list and nor do they have you on theirs. 

Then, ask him them for their help by explaining the issue and request him to add you and your friend to his list after which you can join his team. 

Once all of you have gotten into the same team, you can easily add each other to your Friends List and create your session to invite your friends to the game. This will also work if you mistakenly blocked your friend in the game. 

Wrap Up

If you check out all of these methods one by one, we guarantee you that at least one of them will definitely fix your issue with the inability of adding friends to your session and your Friends List in Fallout 76 will soon start working properly. Tell us in the comments if there is anything else troubling you within the game.

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