Friends Can’t Connect To Minecraft Server

Friends Can’t Connect To Minecraft Server

Are you facing problems while playing with your friends in Minecraft? Or your friends can’t connect to Minecraft server? Is there any problem like this? If yes then you are at the right place for your solution as we are here going to tell you about all the ways that will solve if your friends can’t connect to Minecraft server.

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Just like the many other games that help you to play with your friends and entertain you Minecraft is also helping people to do the same for the past few years. We have seen that this game is just loved by many people and it has evolved many ages in it. You can have all the fun while playing the game. There are many things that make this game different from the other games. 

The gameplay is just amazing that once you start playing this you get addicted to it. There are many other games too but there is something unique about the Minecraft world. The best thing about the game is that it will allow you to make your own server of Minecraft and it will allow you to control it and also help you to make your friends allowed in the game according to you. 

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With ease, you can avoid the persons that you don’t want in your game, and hence you can avoid the chance of getting random people in your game. The serveHow Deep Is Buried Treasure In Minecraft?r will let you come in your own players and it will make it pleasant for you to play the game. 

But are you facing some issues while adding your friends? Can’t your friends connect to Minecraft server? Worry not we are now going to tell you the steps with which your friends can able to join your server. So keep reading and follow the instruction.

Friends Can’t Connect To Minecraft Server

Even though Minecraft works greatly but sometimes in between its server can stop working and for the recent years people are facing this problem alot and they are finding trouble while connecting to their friends in their Minecraft servers. 

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Players while playing the game find this very annoying and there also seems no reason for this problem. The problem will get solved when you will get to know how you can solve this problem. There are three ways with which you can fix this problem.

  1. You need to make your things right

You need to make sure that you are not wrong at anywhere. If you are using your own server then you need to recheck these things. You need to make sure that you have sent an invite to your friend and also they have accepted it. After you will check that you need to get your friend to keep trying to join to the server but without an invite from you. 

You can also check that your friends there on your friend list. After you will check this and still there is some problem then you need to get stuck into some troubleshooting.

  1. Send your friend your IP address

When you see that your friends are enabled to join your server then you can also do one thing that is can share your IP address with your friend. Maybe they are facing an issue because the IP address is wrong. You need to figure out that you have sent your private IP address instead of sharing your public IP address. 

You can do it in simple steps and you should know that your friend can join only join through your public server when you will join your IP address. 

If you find it difficult to find your IP address then there is nothing to worry about and there are so many things that can help you to do that. 

You can also google it how to find your public IP address and you will find the answers. After that you need to send the resulting address to the person that is trying to get into your server. After this, your friends can able to join without any worry. 

You can also do it in another way and for that, all you need to do is you need to search for what your IP and you can do this by searching in any of the browser. Then the search result will give you the answers starighth away. Then from that all you need to do you need to copy and then you can paste it. After that, you can send that to your friend and then they can join you. 

At this second point of solving the problem for many will be solved and still if you are facing a problem while making your friends join your server then still there is one another way out for you. You can follow that and try it one more time.

  1. Try Port Forwarding

This is the best method that you can try and also this is the most difficult point that will solve your problem. Still, if you are not a techy person you can do it with our help. You just need to follow these steps and then you will be able to manage it. Port forwarding is the must in order to connect with your friends. 

So let’s start with this point. In this firstly you need to log in to the router and then you need to use it as an admin. After that, you need to find the port forwarding setting. Once you will find these settings you need to find wireless or network under settings as there will be a category for these. There can also be caytegory saying advanced. So for this, you need to search properly and then you will be able to do it.

Once you will find the port forwarding section then you need to set up the port number and the range. At this point you will require to enter your IP address. The different routers will ask you to do like name the port trigger and then you can name it something related to Minecraft. It will make it easier for your to remember. In the last, you need to enable the port forwarding rule and then it will be easy for you to check a box.

This was all you need to do if your friends can’t connect to Minecraft server. We told you all the steps that you need to follow. You can go for the first solution if that does not works then you can go for the second one, still, if that doesn’t work then the third one will definitely work for you. You will be able to play with your friends easily. Still, if you have any other doubt then you can ask us in the comment section. 

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