Increase Your Gaming Experience in Android With Best Game Booster Apps for Pubg and Free Fire

Best Game Booster Apps for Pubg and Firee Fire in Android

Do you really think your device manages to run games smoothly? No matter whether your device has a high-end CPU or GPU, if there are some preloaded apps(bloatware), then you are lacking the true gaming experience. 

We all have faced a kind of lag while playing Pubg Mobile or Free Fire. Why is it so? Sometimes it’s because of slow internet, poor device performance, or even CPU throttling. It can also lead to game crashes and low frame drops.

However, you don’t need to worry about this issue as we are here with the best game booster apps for Pubg and Free Fire. These apps will end useless processes running in the background that make a game choppy. 

5 Best Game Booster Apps for Pubg and Free Fire in Android

Free Fire can be easily played in a 3GB/4GB ram smartphone. But for Pubg, only high-end devices are required to experience max gameplay. 

Most gamers like me who can’t afford those smartphones didn’t have any option except to play games with low fps. But now, after using these apps, I can say that my gaming experience has moved dfrom worst to best.

Game Booster 4x Faster

This game booster app will speed up your Android device with one tap. It allows you to play games faster and smoother. With an inbuilt game turbo, you can enable ultra boost mode in it. It clears the background cache to free up memory for maximum gaming performance. 

Key features of this app

  • You can set up to 2k resolution
  • Unlock extreme fps
  • AI analysis Best game configs
  • Ultra Boost

Play Store Downloads: 10M+

App Size: 8.9Mb

GFX Tool for PUBG

As the name suggests, this app is specially made for Pubg lovers. It has advanced and powerful gaming options that every gamer requires. You can choose and set resolution, graphics, fps, styles, shadows, etc accordingly.

Key features of GFX Tool for Pubg

  • Set Texture Quality
  • Improve sound quality
  • Optimize GPU
  • Small in size

Play Store Downloads: 10M+

App Size: 3.4Mb


Developed by FlashDog, this is the best game booster app for Pubg. Apart from just game boost, it upgrades CPU, GPU, and battery performance. You can also find loot locations in this application.

Key features of FlashDog

  • In-game Armoury
  • Change crosshair and color
  • Find the best loot location
  • Best for low-end devices

Play Store Downloads: 10M+

App Size: 17Mb

Game Booster by BGNmobi

With this app, one can easily increase and monitor the frame rates of the games. It also has an auto boost that will optimize your device for performance effortlessly.

Key features of this App

  • Boost any game
  • Auto boost
  • See mobile temperature
  • Game launcher

Play Store Downloads: 10M+

App Size: 12Mb

Gaming Mode – Game Booster Pro

It is also one of the best game booster apps for Pubg and Free Fire. You can configure various settings in it and save them. This app is the perfect solution for any lag or bug in a game.

Key features of Gaming Mode

  • Auto reject incoming calls
  • Block notifications
  • Change wifi state
  • Ping booster
  • Create widgets

Play Store Downloads: 5M+

App Size: 9.0Mb


In the end, I can say that each app is rated good on the internet. Whether you play Pubg Mobile or Free Fire, these booster apps work for every game. Nevertheless, each app is available for free on Google Play Store.

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