Game Dev Tycoon Best Combos – Choose Your Genres

You might never be tired of playing Video Games but did it ever occur to you to do something different and more creative? Well, there is something similar you can do. Game Dev Tycoon is a business simulation game that allows players to create and develop their own video games. This unique work lets the player start in an old garage at a time when arcade video games were the best thing that ever happened. 

With the game’s progress, the players can become better at creating games, can hire staff when they are performing better, and are also allowed to buy licenses to consoles whose names resemble those of the real-life consoles available. They include PlaySystem, grPad, mBox, etc. 

There are some great game combinations you can choose from the available ones to create your own game. There are various genres including Action, Adventure, Strategy, RPG, and more. 

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Game Dev Tycoon Best Combos

The main Genres available in the game are

  1. Action
  2. Adventure
  3. RPG
  4. Simulation
  5. Strategy 
  6. Casual 

Know more about these genres and what should you combine them with for some best Game Dev Tycoon Combos. 

  1. Action

There is a complete section of people who only look for action in their games. If you are one of those and want to make something similar for others like you then you can create games of this genre. But there must be other elements combined to it to make them better. You can use Action with Fantasy and use characters from mythology. You can also use it with Post Apocalyptic or Zombie game modes. Sports games requiring action or Superheroes would be just the perfect combo. 

  1. Adventure

Another favorite genre of game lovers is Adventure as it provides them with the thrill they always require. You can add Detective or Mysteries with Adventure and hopefully it will get as popular as Sherlock. Another great combination with adventure can be Science Fiction elements or Time Travel where the player can go to either past or the future. The Adventurous lives of the Pirates will also be a great combo. And what about the adventure in a fantasy or Medieval land? That sounds pretty good too.

  1. RPG 

RPG is a genre that is growing immensely nowadays and is being enjoyed by almost all who play. To create an RPG game, you can the elements of Mystery with a famous Detective doing his duty or go back to History to play an amazing character of that time. You can also combine it with Sci-fi with Aliens on a quest. A Spy RPG also seems great and fun. A Post Apocalyptic hero in survival mode is also a great combo with an RPG. 

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  1. Simulation

Simulation games have their own popularity among gamers. These games are based on real-world activities which makes them more interesting. You can use Simulation with Fashion or Life Simulation. It can also be combined with Medical activities like Surgery or Lab experts. Space simulation or Airplane Simulation games will also perform well. Or you can also go towards entertainment with Movies, Music, Dance, Fashion, etc. A Virtual Pet simulation game sounds adorable. 

  1. Strategy 

You need to have great strategic abilities to combine something with this genre. With Strategy, you can combine Sci-fi, Alien, or Space. Topics like Military, City, and Dungeons can also perform well with Strategy. How about something related to Management like Business, Government, or School? They too seem to do wonders with Strategy. 

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  1. Casual 

You can combine Casual Topics with Casual Games like Racing or Sports like Martial Arts. You can create games like Comedy or use Vocabulary and even Dance or Music. Casual games will surely do well when combined with Airplanes, Virtual Pets or even Fashion. Combining Casual Games with these topics might lead to the creation of a promising, successful game. 

Wrap Up

Game Dev Tycoon will let you test your Game Developing skills and allow you to create a game, characters, and story of your choice. If you ever thought of creating something new or had unique gameplay ideas in mind, then you will love and enjoy working in Game Dev Tycoon. 

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